Friday, February 28, 2014

My Hexies are Linking Up

  Just learned about others joining in on Friday's to link up posts about their hexagon projects over at A Quilting Reader's Garden. (I will be posting her button in my right column) 
   This week I made my very first hexie's, loved it so much that I ordered papers and dug out some of my civil war fabrics. Not sure yet if I want to commit to a large quilt-or perhaps something smaller. I found a doll quilt in the book The Civil War Sewing Circle that I may elongate into a table runner-would be nice to make for a table I use in the living room.
   I didn't want my practice piece to be wasted so I decided to make another one and turn it into a mug rug. I put a layer of cotton batting in the middle, put in a few quilt stitches (ps don't look too close at those quilt stitches-I just "winged it" on this lol) and embroidered around one of the edges. (for my new readers; check my other posts this week on my hexie project)
   Well, I can't just have one, and I am in need of new coasters again, so last night I dug out some scraps and will make up a set of four coasters for us to use. Just them all pressed, mixed the colors around a bit-so I am ready to stitch tonight

I decided to come back and ask a couple questions since I am brand new to hexies:
    1. do you sew through the papers or not?
    2. tips so my whipped stitches will not show to the right side-my first flower did not show at all, and when I made my second flower, I noticed some of my stitches did show through
     3. do you punch a hole in the middle of the paper and slip a pin inside to hold the papers?-I saw that somewhere and thought it was a nifty idea-and liked it

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's Bee Social

Good morning Wednesday, I am linking up with Let's Bee Social Today.

This is a weekly event held every Wednesday to share with quilt friends on what we are working on, or just to chat and visit. The link to join in or to visit and read is on my right hand column.

It has been awhile now since I linked up-cause I was really busy with Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party-over 600 blogs in the hop-wow-and it was amazing-really enjoyed meeting new people.and in the process I read many that were making all things hexagons or diamonds-so I just had to try.

If you have the time to read through my last 3 posts-they are all about making my very first hexies, along with civil war hexies, and links to crocheted, knitted, and wool blankets and quilts made with these little guys.

So that my first sample would get used; I decided to make another flower and then put some batting inside and sew the two flowers together for a mug rug coaster just for me-

Since my last link up I have completed the hand quilting and the binding on the quilt I was working on-the before dementia memory quilt of my Mom.  I am now up to sewing the label on the back and deciding how to handle these words that will go into the hearts on the border. I made the mistake of cutting them out as they were set up for me-turn and sew down-and I don't like them-some are too large and some the edges do not look nice-so I gotta be in the mood for this part

Cold winter temperatures are back in the Ozarks too, teens tonight with a little snow in the forecast all week long.

I am so ready for spring this year-more so than most years I think.  My husbands new apprentice has a little greenhouse and he offered to grow veggie seeds for me-yesterday he said my broccoli and brussel sprouts were up and looking good-yeah!

So glad you dropped by for a visit.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hexies Everywhere-Who Knew?

  Meredith mentioned about making crocheted hexagons-wow that sounds really fun too and most knitters and crocheters or weavers have left overs in yarn. 
     So I had to search online, I checked first for wool hexagons in quilts. Found this gorgeous wool knitted piece here  I found this wool one too made from felted wools-now I like that idea, however I didn't like the way she sewed it together-but a great idea to sew up felted wool pieces here I would hand sewn these instead.
   I found puffs of knitted hexies made into a quilt here and here I love this idea too, perhaps one could stuff felted wool or felted wool sweaters. This one looks soooo cozy. If I was a knitter I would make one of these for sure.
  Here is a pretty large hexagon blanket that was crocheted here
I found an 1800's wool hexagon quilt-I am loving the idea of using wool. found here
   I have been spending time on the computer off and on today, mostly searching for civil war era and early 1800's hexagon quilts. 
    I have never been around anyone that made these hexagons into quilts-I just had no clue about all these variations either. 
  In my search I did find on a couple of Barbara Brackman's quilt history blogs a couple posts on 1800's hexagons. My friend Karen had told me she thought they were made in a medallion style or a large star back then-and that is what Brackman showed. They would do a medallion center of hexagons and then applique that onto to a chintz or sew the chintz around the medallion. 
  I personally don't care for the medallion style, especially to make one. so far this is all I have found about early 1800's hexagons in quilts. 
    Ok enough posting about hexies for a bit-lol

I Am Excited About My New Project-Civil War Hexagons

  I am one of those people that bounce around allot in my artistic endeavors. Allot of times though things just come back around in a circle-I guess that is how my mind works-lol
  I have been searching online to see if I could find a quilt made with the hexagons back during the civil war era, and have not found one yet. I would like to see how they set them in the quilt.  I may have to see if I can contact Barbara Brackman and ask her as she is a fabric and quilt historian.
   I did visit Quilters cache-a fabulous site for free quilt block patterns, and looked at her Grandmother's Flower Garden. She also shares links to finished quilts for more inspiration. I really like this one allot, and think it will be perfect for these civil war fabrics. At least that is the "plan" for now.
   I don't know about you, but when I have a handwork project I like to use a basket or a nifty bag to put everything in. I found this perfect size basket that we had gotten as a gift way back when we were in the exotic bird breeding business. Anyways, inside was a previous hand dyed project of yarns and wool that I had forgotten about where it was, so found another container for those and cleaned up the basket.
   It needed a little fabric for a liner, so what jumped out at me was a bag of fabric from my Grandma's stash-she always was making things for children so I grabbed a fun kids fabric with circus motifs. Last night for civil war fabric-I pulled a jelly roll of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Crossing, a few civil war pieces from my Mom's fabric stash, and some odds that I had that don't go with my other two 1800's quilt projects. 
    So I am all set now-just waiting for the papers to arrive. The jelly roll  fabrics are just the perfect size for the hexie template-so little waste of fabric and the fabric can get used now. They also didn't tie in size wise for my other projects. I had won these at the Fab Shop Hop-probably at least  5 years ago. I think just waiting for me to learn about hexies-lol
    Good thing I don't have the papers just yet as I need to get back on tax work for Larry's business, and get the quilt finished up. I am not happy with the way the words are looking so need to get my head around that this week. I want that finished and washed, and then I am going to send it off to my brother who is Mom's caregiver. Making this quilt was my therapy so it needs to get passed on now.

Sigh-cold winter temps returning here today and will last for awhile too. I took another long walk in the woods yesterday, I also filled up the wood rack-I think we should have just enough wood to make it through March.  
    End of the Olympics today and then the Voice returns tomorrow night. I love the Voice but have not decided if I want to get "hooked" again-I do love the show though.

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hexagons in My Future

  During the Grow Your Blog Party especially, I have met and read so many of you that are making quilts with hexagons. I really had no clue this was such a popular method again.
   I have always loved the pattern Grandmother's Flower Garden made with these little hexies but just never really thought it was something I wanted to do. I don't usually do well with cutting small pieces and then putting them back together again.-lol
   However after getting a couple sizes of Val's glass templates, and reading the excellent how to tutorials from Karen of Fairies and Fibers (she made the needle book for me) I just wanted to see how this process works and if I would enjoy it.
    Last night while watching episodes of the Treehouse master and waiting for his newest show where he was building a recording studio tree house with Celo Green coming for a visit; I decided to give it a go. I had to put my embroidery words away for a bit (for my Mom's before dementia memory quilt)-cause they are giving me fits at the moment.

    I  cut these out out of some fabric scraps from my Mom's stash. I ended up working on this til 2 am-am I hooked or what??  I got it all sewed down except for a couple sides. For my first sample I was really pleased how it all came together-I was not thrilled with the center piece-a little too light in value-but I was just wanting to make one section.
   I have used up all of my sample papers, so just ordered a bag of 600 of them. I tried using my own papers by tracing them out-but for better accuracy for me;  purchasing pre cut papers is the way to go.
   I had tried paper piecing in the past-my Mom really enjoyed that process for all the detail it gives-but I didn't enjoy that at all. I do like this.
   Have any of you done this method with the apple core template? I saw they had papers for that, wondering if those curves were difficult to make nice.

     My goal this year is to work on 1800's era quilts, so I went online and did some research on the Grandmother's Flower Garden. This pattern was actually made back in the 1700's and then was very popular again during the 1920's and the depression era. So the time period of this pattern does fit my timeline. 
     I have in my stash lots and lots of 1830's through the civil war reproduction fabrics, along with one piece from the 1700's that just does not blend in well with the others-so I am thinking of making this quilt with my hand dyed fabrics and these reproduction fabrics. So I went off course a little on what pattern to make first but am sticking with the era of fabrics and pattern at least.
    I am still planning on starting one of my 1830's quilts with the wool appliques on the cotton, or the appliqued cotton on cotton one-gotta have two quilts going so I don't get bored-lol

I wanted to thank all of you that commented on my previous post, If I have not replied back to you yet, I will over the weekend.  One of the things about my blogging friends that I love is sharing life experiences and getting feedback-helps me realize I am on the same "page" sometimes-smiles    and I appreciate the suggestions with my commenting problem which I am still having. I need to clear the cache and cookies again, and the suggestion of signing off of blogger and back on again is a good one too-I totally forgot about that-as that worked for me for something else in the past.

Happy Weekend to all of you!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Took a Long Walk in My Woods This Morning

  It has taken  me a year, but I finally was able to take a walk into our woods-without crying. 
    To my new readers and friends, a year ago this month we lost our beloved Nikita during the first week of February and on the 19th suddenly a long time blog friend was gone from cancer. A very sad time for me. My friend Karen in Kentucky and I worked hard to get a love quilt made for her-but there was not enough time. With the help of another blog friend Deb we were able to mail the quilt to the granddaughter. 
    Hubby and I also had a very very stressful summer last year that added to our sadness.
   For 9 years every day Nikita and I took walks in our woods, it was good for both of us. Months after when ever I tried to take a walk I just couldn't do it-I was just too sad without my walking partner. 
    This morning I decided to try again, a year is a long time, I grabbed calico kitty and she stayed with  me til we got to the middle pond. I continued on to the woods and it felt good. The sunshine is out today, very windy still, but not too chilly yet-that comes in tonight.
  Along the way I found a pure white turkey feather-about 10" long or so. I have never found a pure white feather before-thinking now is this a peace sign, nature telling me everything will be ok?  Just coincidence? 
  Don't know but it felt so good to walk again.

This is totally off topic but I have a question. This morning I have been visiting some of my blog friends-and when I want to comment-I can see that there are comments already posted-but there is no place I can click to post a comment. Have any of you had this same problem? wondering if blogger did some upgrades or something-I am still on this old old computer.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Dyeing

Have you tried this technique out yet? 
    I have not, but have been reading several bloggers that have-especially those areas getting soooo much snow this winter.

So, I decided to check online for information.
  Here is an excellent one using procion dyes go here

  A tutorial from Dharma using ice or snow  go here

   Information and pretty photos here from Dave's Garden  go here 

  Google search-lots of photos and links   go here

  While searching for information I also saw many you tube videos posted on the subject as well.

We are having spring temps this week here in the ozarks, with cold returning next week, however I doubt we will get any more measurable snow fall-but one never knows with this winter-lol  
   So those of you stuck with lots of snow on the ground-go have some fun and make color-I would think Rit dyes would work just as well.
    Found a blog that used Rit dyes  go here
   Comments most welcome on those of you that have done this technique

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Blog Friends are Just So Special & Full of Surprises

  I just want to thank all of my special friends here in my blogging world. You all mean so much to me. I cherish our friendship and interaction.

  This week I received some nice surprises in the mail-and I love love getting mail lol

   Today from Karen I received one of her special needle books. I really love this, and is not something I would take the time to make for myself. Karen's quilting is just breathtaking-so please stop by her blog when you have the chance. She also shares many tutorials on quilt techniques and embroidery too. This will be perfect for my needles when I am hand quilting and embroidering. Little pockets included too.

  And from my friend Val, I received one of her glass templates for hexies-so I could play with a smaller size-thanks so much. I had purchased a larger one which I think I will use to make a wool penny rug-but in the hexie shape instead. Val surprised me with a little mermaid bag for my new hexie.

Thank you so much!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring is Really On the Way

 I was woken up with the lovely sound of song birds just outside my window this morning-a glorious sound! Rain this morning and then hopefully some sunshine. We won't make it up to those 70's this week that they had suggested-a little too early for that right now, but I will really enjoy some sunshine with 50's and perhaps some 60's. I think mostly that Larry and I are looking forward to warmth.

Over the weekend a small flock of robins dropped by.

In a few weeks our ponds will come alive with spring music of frogs and toads-I love that, and I know I am in Missouri when I wake up to my first whip poor will of the season.

Are you enjoying the Olympics? It was nice of Directv to turn on the NBC station that is live over the weekend, (a prime station that I don't have) So, early this morning I can watch the ice skating dance teams. They are keeping it turned on for the rest of the Olympics-

Today is a mail holiday-President's Day-so I am packing up packages today so they can get mailed off tomorrow.

Oh and a big surprise for me-I found out yesterday that I had won a giveaway from the Grow Your Blog Party-handmade glass beads-from Purple Cobwebs-I am so excited! She is sending me blues to go with my wool crazy quilt purse. Her work is just gorgeous! Do drop by her blog for a visit.

Just wanted to "pop" in for a couple minutes this morning-Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Morning Sunday, Springlike, and Wild Turkeys

  As I sit here at my computer, I can hear the birds just singing away--they think spring has arrived. We are to have a week of spring like temperatures, up near 50's and 60's and lows in the 30's and 40's f  A welcome change for sure. This has been such a cold winter for us. We have both just been chilled during most of this season's winter.

  This time of year especially, before the new borns arrive, the deer come for their visits in larger groups. So, I have started feeding back by the woods line again as well as up by the house. 
    Two years ago when we had the severe drought with months of 100 degree temps, we started feeding a large group of three families of wild turkeys. They came every day from early spring through November-so we got to watch them grow up, very special-search for wild turkeys in my search tool for the photos.  
    The other day we got a large group of jake turkeys come in-and they were sooooo excited that I had corn for them back by the woods line. Click photo to enlarge to view them better

    Like some of the rest of you, I have been enjoying watching the Olympics while working on handmade projects-for me it was my quilt. I am now up to sewing on the binding, and then to prepare and sew all those embroidered words on to the quilt. I had to take a few days off as my hands and right shoulder were screaming to stop. 

   My craft room is just too full of creative items again to easily get to things-especially now with the sewing table in there I brought back from my Mom. So this year I am going to seriously de stash. Anyways I was able to get to allot of my felted wool pieces yesterday and found several blues and one small purple for my crazy quilt purse. I still want to clear another area so I can get into a couple more drawers of felted wool to see what I have in there too for choices. I am getting more anxious to start this project. 
     I also am wanting to make my first hexies. With Val's help with her glass templates and my friend Karen's help with tutorials I think I am ready. 

  Yesterday I made a couple pies, an apple-cranberry for Larry and a mixed berry with rhubarb for me. I attempted another gluten free crust made with coconut butter and my gluten free baking flour mix-it was so so, am still working on that.

Enjoy  your Sunday and have an awesome  new week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway-Winner Drawn This Morning

Good morning Saturday!

    I so enjoyed this year's blog party hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full. It changed my blogging world last year, and again this year as I met so many wonderful new bloggers. Such amazing and creative people we all are!

  I want to thank all of you that visited, and those of you that now read me. The final count of entries was over 90-that's amazing to me-most ever that have entered one of my giveaways-so much fun for me too! and yes all of you that entered within the last days are in the pot too-hugs

  And now for the winner-I have a vintage cast iron kettle that sits near our wood stove and my computer-so as your entries came in I numbered them and wrote them on strips of paper, folded them and threw them in the pot-every day at least once I mixed them up well.

Sooooo with eyes closed here is the one drawn--Andrea Ostapovitch of My Everything Corner  

Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog today! Your retired life, sounds a lot like my dream life. I look forward to seeing all that you create, especially the soap. Enjoy the party!

Congratulations!  Enjoy creating with my hand dyes.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Spreading Sunshine Giveaway Ended and Last Day to Enter Drawing for Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway

Good morning,
      I had 3 entries so I am sending off sunshine to all 3 of you. Nicole, Diane, and Brenda I sent out emails yesterday but have not heard back yet from anyone. So please send me an email with the information of where your sunshine gift is going in the USA If you are a no reply blogger please contact me through the contact form in my right hand column.

Please go here for my Grow Your Blog Party Post and to enter for my hand dyes Giveaway  drawing February 15th (Please enter only on that post)  Today is your last chance to enter.

  Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Warming Up Here

  Please go here for my Grow Your Blog Party Post and to enter for my hand dyes Giveaway  drawing February 15th (Please enter only on that post)

Warming up today-feels sooo good. We are in the 40s with high winds and sunshine. We will work up to 70s sometime next week-I love it--except for the major mud mess we have-mostly do to that waterline that was put in last summer, but no complaints here.

  I almost feel a little guilty with snow and ice to the south of me, and horrible gale winds and flooding in England-be safe everyone.

  I even ventured out of the woods and went to town this morning-I usually need to stock up on some house supplies every 4 to 6 weeks. I didn't get the bird seed I needed, so will need to go back real soon for that.

  In the mail today was my embroidered words for my quilt-they look awesome. She made them so the words will be an oval shape-so just need to cut them out and fold over edges so I can sew them down. Perfect timing too. I finished up with the hand quilting, and the embroidered hearts, and am now stitching down the binding. While watching the olympics I am getting allot of sewing done.

  One thing about rural living is having no choices for our internet provider. Our only option is satelite, a little slower than what is available in cities and very expensive. I don't really mind the speed as long as I can get around ok. However, the worse drawback, is we are only allowed so much time on the computer before they shut us down or we have to buy more time. This usually is not a problem, but I forgot and started uploading my photos over to photobucket before Larry starts putting my new computer together-and it ate up almost all of our time-I totally forgot about that, I only uploaded around 75 photos too. There is a free time between 2 am to 8am. So anyways, that means I can't visit my blog friends much as the blog pages take up allot of time to load.--so long story short-I won't be able to visit you much til next month.

    Hope this finds you all well, happy, and the power is still on.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Spreading a Little Happiness

Please go here for my Grow Your Blog Party Post and to enter for my hand dyes Giveaway    There is still plenty of time to visit all those 600 blogs and enter giveaways-drawing February 15th (Please enter only on that post)

Happy Monday, 
     Old man winter is still doing his winter stuff. We got a couple inches of snow and single digits for temps-so not too bad here in my Ozarks. Looks like our 5" of snow went more south of us this time around.

This morning I am hand quilting, and for little breaks am catching up on reading your blogs via Bloglovin. I really love Jan's site The Nerdy Farm wife, this morning she posted about sharing some happiness. I love this and with our long winter this season even more so. Here is Jan's post

Jan makes handmade soap and other wonderful items, and shares her knowledge about herbs too; I love visiting her site. She posted that she wanted to mail off some sunshine to those in need. So asked in comments for us to share people we knew that could use a surprise in their mailbox. In comments no particulars about the person til she contacts you from a drawing.

I got her permission to do the same. With Valentine's day coming up I would like to draw a couple names to share some of my handmade soap.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have someone in mind that could use some sunshine. (please do not enter yourself) With the high price of shipping-this sunshine giveaway is limited to residents in the USA (sorry about that) 

I will draw on Valentine's Day

and if you would enjoy sharing some sunshine too-please do-hugs

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

Please go here for my Grow Your Blog Party Post and to enter for my hand dyes Giveaway    There is still plenty of time to visit all those 600 blogs and enter giveaways-drawing February 15th (Please enter only on that post)

 This morning I decided to make the guys a banana bread. For them I used King Arthur's whole wheat pastry flour.

  I needed to mix up some of my gluten free baking flour-so I did that and then decided to make up a pumpkin bread using the same recipe as I do for the banana bread. 

  My gluten free flour which I make as 4 parts of each ingredient-or 4 cups of each: corn starch, tapioca flour, almond meal flour, sorghum flour, and brown rice flour. I bring out a giant bowl add all the ingredients and mix well. This gives me two very full gallon size freezer bags. I keep mine in the freezer til ready to use.

I have posted my banana recipe before you can find in my search tool. I am posting here how I adapted that recipe for my gluten free pumpkin bread.

Whenever I make breads like this instead of using a loaf pan, I much prefer the results from a mini angle food type pan-I find mine at garage sales or resale shops. For gluten free cakes and breads especially I love glass for gluten free. and a note when baking in glass drop the temperature by 25 degrees f.

Kathy's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

2 cups of Kathy's gluten free baking mix (see above)
1 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice or spices that you like
2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
1/2 cup organic coconut oil-melted
1/2 cup sorghum syrup
1/2 cup coconut sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
10 ounces  pumpkin
Fill 1/2 cup with raisins or currents, walnuts or other nuts, and I added thin sliced candied ginger

Cream oil, sorghum, coconut sugar and blend in the two eggs and vanilla

Add in the pumpkin alternating with the mixture of flour, baking soda, pumpkin spice, and xanthan gum

Once all the pumpkin and flour mixture is blended in; stir in the raisin mixture.

I sprayed my glass pan with grapeseed oil and dusted the bottom with my flour

Bake for 45 minutes in a 325 f degree oven-then check with toothpick in center for doneness-will need more time with the lower than 350 f degree oven with a metal pan.  I usually check every 10 minutes til done.

With all gluten free baked items like this, do not let cool in the pan. Take a knife around the outer edge and middle edge of pan then with a plate on top flip and let cool before cutting in servings. My         bread flipped right out with no problems.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished bread-sorry-but it was gorgeous-raised above the pan. Mr. L had come over so I cut him a piece to try-then I froze most of it.

Very tasty pumpkin bread-very moist!

Feel free to change up the sugars to what you like and for banana bread I used splenda and coconut sugar or you could use all sugar. For spices I use nutmeg and cinnamon and 10 ounces of mashed bananas that are over ripe and sprinkle in some lemon juice.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remember The Yarn I Dyed With Osage Orange Last Fall? & Deer Visitors

Please go here for my Grow Your Blog Party Post and to enter for my hand dyes Giveaway    There is still plenty of time to visit all those 600 blogs and enter giveaways-drawing February 15th (Please enter only on that post)

I was so pleased with the results. This is 100% wool yarn that I had dyed along with several pieces of reclaimed wool from clothing I took apart. I had planned on perhaps selling some of it in my Kathyinozarks Fiber Shop on Etsy-but I had made the mistake of putting in several pieces in a mordant bath over night-forgetting that one piece had red in it-so of course that red migrated on to most of the yarn. After it was dyed and rinsed-it was more subtle but still there. 

I decided it would be just fine though woven up or knitted. So I asked one of my long time blog friends Kimberli in North Carolina if she would knit me a pair of fingerless gloves, and she said yes. 
    They arrived in the mail yesterday and I am soooo thrilled I love them. She said the yarn lasted forever so was plenty left over for her to take some of it and make something for herself, and still yarn left over for me too-so I will be adding that into a future weaving project. This yarn being finer-took her longer to complete cause of so many more stitches-so I am just so happy that a friend would do this for me. Thank you again Kimberli.

I took these two photos with one hand-so not too bad LOL

I also got in the mail my big package of garden seeds-fast service for sure-I love Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  Our new friend that is also Larry's new apprentice used to be a landscaper, had to retire from that do to health reasons, also sells off his extra compost-he raises cattle so sounds like a really nice mix-so I ordered allot of that to help improve my new little garden area and also to freshen up all my big containers I grow in too-so I am ready for spring now. I used up most of my own compost last year-so would rather buy from him than a big box store. and I am so excited that he offered to grow some of my seeds into plants-He also asked me if I would be interested in co-op canning with his wife-so I may just do that-sounds like fun. I have canned with my Mom since I was probably around 12 or so, and I have canned by myself for years and years-so may be nice to work up the harvest with someone else.

This is the time of year when we get larger groups of deer visiting. Especially this winter, more snow on the ground, colder, and less wild food available. Last night with two groups that visited we had over 20 deer-one group had 5 bucks-so I think I will start putting out an extra scoop of corn for them 
   (those yellow stakes I had put out there-cause when our friend was here over the summer-he kept running over everything-and I mean everything lol)

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Morning Friday----Brrrrrrr It is Still So Cold Here

Woke up to low single digits again, this is turning into another very cold winter month. However when I read some of you that are 30 below 0-now that is just way too cold for sure.

I guess tomorrow we will head towards just above freezing, and then a little break on Saturday before we head back down to the deep freeze. I think this is the first winter in over 10 years here that we will run out of wood. We didn't get all of it in like we usually do, and this winter instead of leftovers I think we will be out in the woods cutting some more once we get above freezing for a few days.

Making good progress on the hand quilting-I did allot yesterday so I am a little sore this morning-but I have just 4 and half more blocks to quilt. After that I will embroider in the big red hearts in the border-and hoping my embroidered words come in soon. I will then decide after that if I need to add a little border piece around the quilt before I bind it. This one being more of a country quilt-I am not going to sew on a binding but rather bring the backing to the front to form a binding-I really like that method for some quilts.

The other day my hand mixer went kaput on me-and it was only about 12 years old-I expect little appliances like this to last much longer-lol When Larry and I got together over 30 years ago we each had Salton yogurt makers-and they still work-as does my air popcorn popper from the 80's.-just saying lol
    Anyways, I went online to purchase a new one-thinking that it would be a fast process-nope-Most hand mixers, even those up to the $50.00 range do not have extra beaters-for whisking or dough hooks. Was very surprised about that. I checked all over the place online too, looking as well for free shipping. 
    I also read reviews on all of those I was interested in, and on different sites too-sometimes one site would show mostly positive feedback, and another site-same mixer would have allot of negative feedback. I even looked at a pro model that I really liked, but it had allot of serious negative feedback. One thing nice for me when I shop online-I can really compare prices and the feedback.
     Sooooo about 4 hours later I think it was-I did find free shipping, I had to spend a little more than I wanted to but it was a good sale price(compared to several sites) and I did get all the extra beater attachments, and I found one made in the USA with a name brand-Cool!

    We also were able to save enough money-finally-so I could buy a new computer-I so need one that works better than this old 15 year one-but I am so thankful to have something. I could get by with this one longer too, but Etsy does not support it-on google it crashes when I try to edit, and on windows it barely works-so for my sanity I need one that works. So we found one that Larry has to put together-everything new just all the parts will come in seperate boxes. I also need to buy the new windows 7 as I am still using xp-which I have always liked-but time to upgrade. 

  So wow new things coming in my mailbox soon. How fun is that?

This morning I am going to make another gluten free upside down cake, but instead of crushed pineapple I am going to use blueberries. I have one or two more bags left in the freezer that need to get used up. We have not had a good growing year for picking fresh blueberries here for a few years-so hoping this year will be one. I love blueberries in lots of things.

That's my "doings" for now--Happy Weekend everyone

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter is Back Spring Seeds and Doings

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First off I want to thank all of you that joined in the conversation in my last post. I really enjoyed reading all the comments, as I think most that joined in did as well. I just kinda blurted that post out-cause I had been running into so many people here where we live now that don't take preparing and sharing good home cooked meals seriously. I was brought up with cooking everything from scratch-growing it-canning and freezing it-and preparing it-just part of who I am. 
    I am dating myself I know, but I have had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that most young people don't know how to, and most don't want to know how to prepare good healthy meals at home. It just is so important-no matter who in the family does it-that person should take it seriously-and do it out of love. and I think reading through the comments again-that was the main thread-we cook out of love.
   I buy all of my herbs and spices from Penzeys-have for many many years now-and their moto or slogan is: "Love People Cook Them Tasty Food" and also "Love to Cook Cook to Love"

 Winter is back here in the Ozarks today as it is in many parts of the country again. We ended up with about 3" of blowing snow here, and no ice. Single digits and below though for most of the week with a couple more snow storms moving in this week. I think it will go perfectly with watching the winter olympics-lol I can't complain though cause northern Missouri got a foot of snow in some areas.

I spent most of my morning deciding on what seeds to purchase for my little veggie garden. I buy most all of my seeds from Baker Creek seeds-they are based here in Missouri, no gmo seeds but rather all heirloom seeds from around the world. They are a young couple that are very active against the big companies like monsanto-but I buy from them cause I love their seed choices. I bought a few herb seeds and flowers for dyeing cloth and yarn, and also a couple herbs to use as teas etc. I bought a new winter squash that was grown by the Lakota tribe that looks really delicious-and lots of greens, salad stuff, and different beans-always fun to choose seeds-they have a gorgeous free catalog too. 
   My husband's new apprentice for his scope business was a landscaper and he told me he was getting ready to set up his greenhouse to grow seeds for his garden-and he would gladly grow mine for me-this is so awesome-cause I am not set up here to grow my own seeds. So I also bought heirloom tomato seeds-including two roma type paste tomatoes for canning, broccoli and brussel sprouts, and two sweet peppers and an eggplant that is one of the smaller pretty violet varities-so am excited about that.
   I recently read in the latest MaryJane Farm's magazine that adding to the problem of the honey bees dying off are chemicals that are now being used to grow veggie and flower plants that are sold especially in big box stores-so this was a concern for me on what to do for some of my plants-so now I don't have to worry about that.

    I also started back hand quilting tonight too-yeah. I felt bad for my friend that is machine embroidering 18 words for me to sew into the border hearts. She wrote me that she had mailed them off to me, but a few days later her envelope returned to her ripped with none of the words-and she had paid extra for hand canceling the package-sigh. So she has to redo all of them. I think I will be sending her some bars of soap and perhaps some hand lotion too for all her extra troubles.

   and speaking of food-I have been enjoying the chocolate popcorn this week-right out of the freezer lol-I had froze it in small bags-so it would last longer-soooo good.

  Oh and I think we saved up enough money to get me a new computer soon-happy dancing for that-this 12-15 year old computer-is just sooooo slow it barely loads when I want to work in my etsy shops. For my new readers, last spring early we had a really bad lightening storm that blew apart a couple trees-and the force went through the ground somehow and fried my computer, my printer-everything-and it was plugged into a good serge protector. so now when we have one of those storms my computer is getting turned off and unplugged from the wall-lol My neighbor was getting ready to throw out her old computer-but gave it to me so I would have something to use-

   I also want to thank everyone that has visited me so far from Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party-This is the most people I have ever had enter one of my giveaways-as of today I have 81 entries-that is amazing!  I have decided to draw a second name and will mail off a surprise to a second person.

    well I have written a book-have a good night-or a good morning to my friends across the ocean

Monday, February 3, 2014

Doesn't Anyone Still Bake for Their Spouses or Partners Any More??

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We have lived down here in the Ozarks for 10 years now, and it just dawned on me again that the wives of the men we know here don't bake, some of them don't even cook-they sit back and let their men cook.
   Baking has always been second nature to me, I grew up baking and cooking everything from scratch-and I still do for the most part. The only baking mix I have ever used is the gluten free yellow cake mix.
    The other day our friend Mr L brought over some apples he had-so that means he is ready for apple pie-lol His wife doesn't do anything any more-once she retired she decided she wanted to be waited on-each to their own I know.
    I don't mind baking up an extra pie-just as easy to make two or three as it is to just bake one. Something I started doing for him a couple years ago when we found out about his situation.
   Hubby has a new apprentice and he is here for the whole day, so I make the guys a lunch-mostly sandwiches and he is always soooo appreciative. When I bake a cake or pie-it's like this is the first time he has had a treat like this since his grandma or mom made one.
   Cooking or baking for your man or your partner to me is a gift of love-and is always so appreciated.
    I hope this is not the norm that one does not bake for their loved ones but is something going on for this area we now live in.
   Just my thoughts for the day-lol

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Have Decided to De stash Allot of My Batik Fat Quarters

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Good morning, I never think of de stashing my sewing or craft supplies-cause one never knows when I might just need it.

However, I have decided to take a serious look at my quilt fabric stash and well-de stash lol  

     I am not really in a panic about turning 65 this coming October but it is on my mind.(especially with my Mom's dementia now) I have much I hope to accomplish but I need to focus now on what I really want to accomplish-and that is quilts of the 1800's and quilts using cottons with wool appliques, plus my other interests. I would like to make us a Turning 20 quilt-I love that pattern-for me it goes together fast, I can use large pieces which really shows off the fabrics and I can tie the quilt too instead of dealing with getting a large quilt through the sewing machine to get it quilted. I have some beautiful brushed cottons with woodsy scenes so that will be perfect for that quilt.

    I just love batiks and hand dyes. Hand dyes I use my own, and batiks are just so gorgeous-they are eye candy to me in fabric. However I am seriously thinking of selling off most of my batiks. I bought them from quality quilt shops and they are Hoffman, and allot of them I bought as sets one year to build up my fabric stash. I have made some gorgeous gift quilts in the past from this stash. 

   Before I start taking lots of photos and getting them listed in my Kathyinozarks Fibers shop on Etsy, or on Ebay-I thought I would offer them here to my US customers first. I would consider mailing worldwide-but be warned the shipping is now very high.
      I have several pinks, spring colors, dark blues and purples, and I have a set of metallic batiks with golds.These have not been washed. I know I paid top price plus shipping for these, but am thinking of $2.25 for each (plus shipping). So if anyone is interested message me and I can post more photos if you need them. thanks

Those of you that quilt for toddlers or babies, I just posted a bundle of fabrics with a nautical theme in my fibers shop. click on photos above to enlarge

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's February, Wintry Weather Back, and my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy and Ebay

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Happy Saturday, and welcome in a new month-and I had almost forgotton with the super bowl but tomorrow is ground hog day too.

   We pretty much know already without the groundhog, that winter will be here in the ozarks for most of the month. It rained off and on last night, a little this morning too, and some ice build up on the trees already. We are hovering just above freezing right now so the roads are still just wet.  However, the weatherman is talking about a couple winter storms moving in this coming week-so winter will be here for awhile for sure.

    I have been spending most of the day so far editing my listings in my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy. This computer is very old, so it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to edit each listing-so very slow going for sure. I am lowering a few of the prices and I am also really lowering my shipping prices. I find it very difficult to figure shipping prices when I don't know where in the states my soap is going. I wish they would set up their shipping like ebay does; actual price per zip code.
    I had been setting up my prices for priority shipping as it is a faster and better service, but I think it was too expensive for most people so I am changing to first class and will see how that plays out.
   And speaking of my soap shop-I have many soaps perfect for Valentine Days and the upcoming spring holidays-many choices of different heart shaped bars, little guest soaps, and bath teas. I have an ongoing coupon for my blog readers-just use blogger for 10% off your total purchase.
     My sales are not good on etsy and I really have not figured out how to help people find me there-but I keep plugging a way at it. I also just listed some soaps on ebay yesterday along with some quilt books-so will give that a go too.
    If we had a decent farmers market locally I would try that-but we do not.

  Are you having a super bowl party? It will just be me-as my hubby does not watch sports. I just took out a big ham that I think I will pop in the oven tomorrow-which will be good for sandwiches for the guys during the week, and I am thinking a good week for split pea soup and ham or a navy bean soup with ham. I made jello with a quart bag of wild blackberries that I froze last summer, and yesterday I made a nice meatloaf-in the crock pot-so left overs for that too. and the munchies and dips too-lol So I'm good.

   I am back hand quilting too, and working on taxes-so I have stuff to keep me busy this month with the winter outdoors. Oh and we had lots of wildlife visitors during the last couple days. The wild turkeys came by, a big red squirrel-which we have not see since fall, a pileated woodpecker flew by, lots of wild birds, and one evening we had over a dozen deer. 

Happy Weekend!


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