Monday, January 20, 2014

What a Treat-No Wind, Sunny and Warm Today

 When I went outdoors to feed the critters and bring in some firewood-wow!! it's beautiful out there. Such a treat indeed. Whenever it has warmed up here, we have very gusty winds, and when it's cold-its brrrr very cold. This is the last nice day though for some time again, as winter returns tonight and bitter cold again this coming week-well it is January after all-lol

  Over the weekend I played with making soap with salt added. I had found a recipe that looked really fun-but I changed up the salt and used what I had-and it did not work-the salt melted the soap and became mushy. Such a bummer, so I have two bags full of gorgeous, creamy  shea butter lavender scrub soap with dead sea salts-I guess I will just enjoy them since they can't be sold. 
     I haven't gotton around to it yet today, but I need to call the company and ask about what salts can be used besides the pink himilayian . It is really awesome for the skin though-loved it, and where the salt settles to the top of the bar it makes for an excellent scrub for callused heels and it removes dead skin cells from the skin too.

  So this morning I made up a new bath tea-for colds and flu. It turned out really really nice-it's listed in my Kathinozarks Soap shop on Etsy now. Full of herbs, essential oils, and salts.


Just a reminder, I have an ongoing coupon in my shops for 10% all the time-just type in blogger, I set that up for my readers.

It was so nice outdoors that after feeding the critters and bringing in firewood-yeah I can do that pretty well now, I worked on pulling out some of the old plant material that was growing on my garden fence. I had allot of climbing flowers and cucumbers vines still on the fence-so that kept me outdoors enjoying the weather.

I haven't been back to hand quilting for a couple days now, so getting behind on my goal to be finished by end of the month. Usually after supper, I am too tired to sew or the light is not quite right. My friend is going to machine embroider the 18 words for me that will go in all the hearts in the border of the quilt-so I am thrilled about that.

Hubby is doing much better. I have been giving him doses of echinacha and goldenseal, Vit C and elderberry juice twice a day. He did have to take benedryl for two days cause he was just really bad. I started taking the elderberry too-and it has really helped break up the congestion in my chest. With me it is mostly asthma or allergies instead of a bad cold. All this wind and ups and downs in temps have really gotton me this winter.

That's about all of my catch up for today. I made a whole chicken in the crock pot over the weekend, so today I am making a pot of thick chicken soup. 

Enjoy your new week


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