Friday, January 17, 2014

Very Very Windy Here in the Ozarks & More Handmade Soaps

Last night it sounded like a mini tornado was coming through and the winds still have not let up yet. Better than snow and ice so not complaining too too much lol  Though it does make the house too hard to keep warm-and we do have allot of insulation just mostly old old single pane windows that need replacing.

You can see from my Etsy shop button to the left that I just listed two more soaps-I really love these too. Turned out very pretty for little gifts or to set out during Valentine's Day.

  Still have not gotten my vintage buttons in yet-I just checked the tracking and won't get here til Monday-can you tell I am anxious??

  I did get in the mail the spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects today. Lots of fun small projects in this one-I may just have to go off my list and make one of these. I had stopped all of my quilt magazines a few years ago-cause it was just too overwhelming. But I do love this magazine-allot of wool projects plus rug hooking, needle punch too.
     I have files and files of quilt patterns that I tore out of magazines thinking I would love to make it-just not enough time in my life to do all this-plus I am slow when it comes to quilting. I am not good at tiny squares and pieces so I don't enjoy that. Plus I am not someone who can afford to pay someone to do the long arm quilting, and I am a very slow hand quilter-though I do really enjoy that. Don't like machine quilting on a very small sewing machine-tried it a couple times and don't like that.
      I am anxious to get going on the two 1830's applique quilts though-one is with wool so I really think I will enjoy that.

Hubby was really sick today, we stay pretty secluded so don't know how he caught it-but some kind of stomach virus-hopefully it won't last long. We always get the flu shot so know it's not the flu from his symptoms.  I think he is doing much better now-I have a beef soup on the stove think that should be a good food choice.

   I also got in my label for my quilt today too-my friend does such a beautiful job with the machine embroidery-and they look so good on the quilts. She is working on setting up a web page-when she does I will post it-Vicki has been doing all my labels for the last 8 years now-perhaps 9 years.

  I do have a question. My purse pattern that I got from the magazine needs to be enlarged by 200%  The widest measurement I think is around 12" I called the ups store that does allot of printing and they told me they can't do that. any ideas on how to do this or where to go?? thanks

Off to check on supper.

Happy weekend to all of you



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