Thursday, January 30, 2014

Still Plenty of Time to Enter My Giveaway & Happy Thursday & Deer Photo

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Yesterday morning early I decided to venture out and do my monthly grocery shopping trip. Brrrrrr was it ever cold out there; we were in the lower end of the single digits. Nice thing-no traffic and nobody at the stores yet-lol  So I loved that.  I have been wanting to check out our new much larger Aldi store but I didn't have much cash on me and I wanted to get home before noon-to make the guys lunch. I had other stops for wild critter food etc that I need to make.

My husband is the football widow in our house-only sports he might watch is soccer but rarely even then. I on the other hand-love football, and I also love the olympics. So I stocked up on my favorite snacks and dips. Which is a treat as I don't buy them often. When they come in the house I just eat them til they are gone-I am really bad that way LOL. Husband on the other hand prefers sweets for his snacks and those I make. In the end though these snacks both turn to sugar.

I asked Larry's new apprentice and Larry yesterday if they wanted a fresh apple pie or my gluten free pineapple upside down cake for a treat today-they both said the pineapple cake-that has turned into a huge guy pleaser. I just took out all the ingredients including a handful of fresh blueberries from the freezer-which everyone loved in the cake. (See a few posts back for a photo and recipe).

A little warmer today, but the winds are howling strong already. We have had no snow, ice or rain for over 3 weeks now, so with all this super dry cold air, and these howling winds-we are still in a fire danger warning. 
      I just heard on the news this week that someone took out their hot ashes from the wood stove-and a few hours later with the winds fueling a little fire it spread and destroyed their home.  I have learned to make sure the ash bucket is ice cold before I take them out and dump them into the compost pile. 
    One year when we first moved down, I didn't make double sure that the ashes were cold and when Larry came back from the post office-I had a fire burning towards the woods-scary stuff for sure. 

Now that hunting season is over, and I think there is less food available out in the woods as well-with all this severe cold; we are getting our deer visitors back on a regular basis. We have a single one that visits on his own, then we have a group of 3-two does and a yearling, and we have a new group of 4 that come now.          
     We also get a few wild turkeys and other critters that stop by for a little corn.  I put out the cracked corn and bird seed daily year round, so they know it is always here. and the view out our windows is a safe zone-no hunting allowed near the buildings.

(Note the deer out at the deer line are old archery targets)

Enjoy your day today-I am going to catch up reading in my Bloglovin and make the pineapple cake this morning, then I need to get back on taxes too-or perhaps hand quilt-that sounds more fun for sure-


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