Monday, January 27, 2014

So Are You Having Fun at the Grow Your Blog Party?

Please find my Grow Your Blog post and Giveaway here

   Those of you joining in-did you have fun? Wow almost 600 blogs joining in-that is just amazing to me. Big thank yous again to Vicki for hosting and setting up this huge event. 

  I pretty much spent the entire weekend visiting. I ran into so many inspiring and creative blogs, and I think I will be gaining some new contacts and friends along the journey. I ended up putting allot of new blogs that I wanted to find again into my Bloglovin feed. I enjoy reading in the morning when I first get up too. I can delete some later on, no way I will remember how to find the ones I liked again unless I had stashed them somewheres-lol

  Friday I stopped by my neighbor friend down the road from me. I had mentioned about needing to enlarge my purse pattern, and asked her if she knew how to on graph paper. She is someone that is really good with stuff like that. Instead of showing me how-she just did it for me-lol I brought along a bar of my Valentine soap for a little thank you. 
   Looking at the photos really well again of the purse; I decided the flap on the purse was just going to be too short. I think the designer did that so all the pretty crazy quilt stitches would show better, but I think it will be a problem using the purse. So my friend drew in two different size flaps for me so I can decide.
   My vision was to put the vintage glass buttons in the front but under the flap so it will be beautiful to see when I open my purse but be protected too. Once things slow down a bit here, I will go through my wool stash and start laying out colors.

    I have been so busy with the blog party that I have not gotten back to my hand quilting. I hadn't been keeping track but I discovered I have 8 log cabin blocks to hand quilt yet-so I am getting there. I expect to see all those embroidered words in my mailbox this week too.

  Winter is back again in the Ozarks-it arrived late last night, not as bitter as the upper midwest but still very very cold for this area. We are not getting any snow with this, so combined with the very very gusty winds-up to 50 miles an hour-we have fire warnings in this area-so dry in the woods that a fire could start very easily.

  Speaking of cold I need to get the wood stove going. I have been busy on the computer and just realized my nose and hands are cold-lol

   I also wanted to mention here that if you are shopping on Etsy please drop by my two shops. I still have hand dyes on sale and I have lots of new soaps and bath teas in my soap shop. (find links in upper left hand corner here on my page) I also have set up for my readers an on going coupon at check out. Just type in blogger for 10% off your purchase.

Enjoy your new week!


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