Saturday, January 11, 2014

Re Using All Those Little Slivers of Bar Soap-Updated Sunday January12

  Do you save all those little left overs from your bar soap?

I didn't used to until a couple years ago when I had read about re batching these into new soap. I fill up this little basket til full and then I melt it down into new bars. I also started saving some pieces to use for marking my quilts. I had remembered that my Mom always did this for her quilts-so I am back using it again-works better than chalk. Larry still uses ivory in the shower, and my own handmade soaps-get used up totally.

If you do a google search for re batched ivory soap or re batched commercial soap slivers-you will get back several choices to read about. I saw lots on you tube too-but this old computer has no speakers so I didn't check those out. I read where some start with a little oil and add herbs to it and then the grated soap, some do it in the microwave or over boiling water. Some add oils some don't, some add a little water. I would think one could add a little milk too.

I prefer using a double boiler-I have an old aluminum one that I use for this. You hand grate the soap, which I started out doing, then went to my old processor-much faster and saves the fingers too.  lol

This time, I decided to add a teaspoon of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, and a little water. I had read to figure 1 teaspoon of oil per 8 ounces of grated soap. You can also add in essential oils if you have them-lavender would be nice to use; which you would add in at the gel stage. In the past I only used a little water, but I thought a little oil would be nice to try this time.

This is a slow process. You are melting down the soap to a gel consistency. It is really important to grate the soap fine-or it will really just take forever to melt down. I add in a little water as needed. The more water you add in the longer it takes your bars to harden though. Its a project to keep an eye on while you are in the kitchen area doing other things. Need to remember to check the boiling water too-I would say it will take at least an hour or more.

I took a couple photos so far, come back later as I will take more as the process continues.  For containers, I save those plastic boxes that fresh mushrooms come in. Once hardened I just slice the soap and let it harden more, which could take a few weeks.


I ended up adding in a little jojoba oil too. After an hour and 15 minutes I had added in a little more water during the process as well-the soap was gelled and thick and still had a few dots of un melted soap-but at this point I took it off the heat and put in the two molds. The pink one I added in lavender essential oil.

This is the first time I have added oils to the soap and I think once it gelled it might have made the mix harder once I took it off the heat-not knowing the chemistry of soap-lol  But I wanted to mention when putting the soap into the molds be sure you press it down well as you fill it up. It was getting hard on me when I got to the second mold, so I put it back on the double boiler for a minute.

 When I sliced these bars this morning one piece crumbled off a slice. I did add an extra teaspoon or two of oils to the mix too. However, wow I love the addition of oils to this soap-I washed my hands with a chunk that broke off and oh soooo creamy.

Now these need to sit and dry-I turn them once a day or when ever I think of it. Once dry-a couple weeks-Can put these bars in little sandwich bags or wrap with wax paper. That's allot of useable soap from saving soap slivers. Love it!

Other ways to re use your soap slivers:

   If you can get some nylon netting, or old sock, tie up some soap slivers with a rubberband and use for a bath scrubby. (soap on a rope)

  Here is a DIY on how to make liquid soap from your soap slivers-cool!

  Use as tailors chalk for sewing and marking quilts.

   If you are making your own laundry soap (see my post in search for my recipes) save up enough ivory or other plain soap slivers to grate and use in the recipe instead of buying bars of soap to grate.

  I found this article with more fun ideas to re use your slivers of soap-go here   includes sachets for your drawers, add to a bath mitt, make a body wash, deer control, lubricant and more.


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