Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Winter Storm Update

  We still have electric-Happy Dancing for that positive.

We ended up with around 10" of snow, it blew around allot yesterday, we got down to way below 0 last night. Today will be the worse-as the 30 mile an hour winds come in-so that will bring down those wind chill temps. The news says this is the coldest its been here in the Ozarks for over 20 years.

  I am looking out the window and the birds are waiting for their sunflower seed feeder to get filled up-so getting ready to bundle up and brave the cold to do that.

  Here is a couple photos I took yesterday when the snow was coming down.


   I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies last night to add some extra heat in the house with the oven on. They turned out delicious. For the fat I used coconut oil, for the sweetener I used coconut sugar and Splenda, and used my gluten free flour and added in dark chocolate chips-makes a good breakfast this morning too-lol

  I love watching football and both my teams lost. I started watching the KC Chiefs this year since they are the local team here and I can watch a team on tv. My all time favorite team is the Green Bay Packers-since 1967. I was going to college up at Stout State University at the time and learned all about the Packers at that time.  That was the year either the super bowl or a playoff game was being played in bitter cold weather too. In yesterday's game the Packers lost in the end with San Francisco burning up the time and kicking a field goal-I always feel cheated when a team wins that way.  It was very frigid up there in Green Bay-can't imagine playing football in those conditions-or even braving be a fan out there. They even had to bring in heaters to keep the beer from totally freezing-lol

   Made some progress on my quilt yesterday, and will probably work more on that unless I decide to bake something with some apples that need used up. I am thinking of searching for a gluten free apple cake recipe.

Stay warm all of you.


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