Monday, January 6, 2014

New Civil War Block of the Month by Barbara Brackman

  I love reading Barbara Brackman's quilt history blogs. I have been following along especially with her free BOM civil war themed blocks.

  I had really planned on sewing up the Dixie Diary quilt she presented free for 2013. I have all the fabrics gathered, and had copied all of the blocks-so hope to get to that this year. I read the diary of Sarah Morgan (which the quilt  was based on) and really enjoyed it-learned more about the confederate side and what the residents went through during the war.

   For 2014 Barbara is offering another free BOM based on real life events of the underground railroad. It begins the end of this month-for information go here  What I like about her BOM's-there is no sign up and it's free. However, you can sign up for email notifications, follow her blog on Bloglovin, or just remember to check back the last Saturday of each month

   This looks like another good one-and more challenging then last year's-so I need to make Dixie Diary first. Read more information on this project here too-on her Material Culture blog 

Thank you Barbara Brackman for all the research you do-and for sharing the information with us.



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