Friday, January 3, 2014

My Pretty Glass Ocean Mix Beads Have Arrived

I am really a novice with beads. I buy when I am out and about and if I see something I love and its glass and natural materials I buy it. So when I ordered these online, even though the photos were gorgeous I wasn't totally sure in my mind how large they were, etc.

When I opened up the package-wow I am very happy. I wanted small beads but not too small and I wanted sparkly too cause these are going to be water along with needle felting and embroidery. 

The store owner April on Etsy was very helpful, and a fast shipper. If you are looking for vintage, bone, carved, European, tribal, artist beads you will love her shop too. She has many unique pieces. What brought me to her shop was a bone carved mermaid-I am still looking for a mermaid bead that I am totally in love with-and have not found her yet. I love what she has in her shop except for the faces-for some reason I do not like the faces-so I asked if she had any other choices besides what she has listed. 

The package to the left is vintage and the rest in the row are czech republic fire polish glass beads, the the package on top is glass seed beads. All the beads are 4mm  The second photo is more of a close up view. April had suggested the glass seed beads to mix in with the fire beads. (click to enlarge photos) I think this is a good ocean mix of colors-what do you all think?

Yesterday afternoon I felt pretty good, was not having the extreme muscle spasms so was able to be comfortable quilting. This morning not so much, and the house is cold-we are like most of the midwest-very very cold temps-especially for this area. It is only to get worse-lots of snow tomorrow and below 0 temps through next Monday or Tuesday-so I am really not up to all that, just need to think positive and go with it-lol

I think I am off to warm up my coffee and see what I can find for lunch. What are you all doing this Friday?


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