Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Bee Social Event by Sew Fresh Quilts

  I am joining in with Let's Bee Social again this Wednesday.

  The main focus this past week was surviving the below 0 frigid temps and the 10" of drifting snow. We are finally above 0 and headed for a little warm up. Biggest challenge now is to get dug out-we live in the woods in the Ozarks so you can imagine the long driveway in-lol

  I have also been babying a very sore back which is gradually on the mends-finally-just have to remember to not overdo-but a couple days ago I could finally sit pretty comfortably and hand quilt. My goal is to finish up this quilt before I start on anything else. I am making progress and am just under half way finished with the quilting part. A couple posts back this week-you can view photos.

  I have been thinking about my wool crazy quilt purse project though. See past posts for links and my new glass beads I got in a couple days ago. I am now on the hunt for the perfect mermaid bead. I thought I had found her-but with research the inks used are not permanent so this won't do. I found another mermaid bead I liked but it's going to be a bit too large for my purse project. I have been searching Ebay too as well as Etsy sellers and have found a few hand carved stone mermaid beads that I may choose. So that hunt continues.

  I do have lots of threads, wool roving and silk noil for the needle felting, and I have lots of reclaimed wool in the ready.

  I am also thinking about new hand dye projects-I love making hand dyes. First up may be to try out a new to me technique using my frozen flowers. That's a dye project I can do in the house.

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