Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Found My Mermaid and a Dragonfly Too (Added New Photos)

  I was up last night browsing and browsing Etsy for the mermaid that would make me smile and I would fall in love with.

   I just was not totally thrilled with the carved ones I was looking at. I found some gorgeous handmade glass beads-really amazing but those started at $75.00 and would be prettier used in jewelry. Then I decided to look for mermaid glass buttons.  That search brought me to Shannon's Etsy shop go here (See Thru Sand). She has buttons I have never seen before-mostly vintage, glass and czech so they will go with my czech beads I just bought too. Such a lovely selection of vintage buttons. Yep I collect those too lol

  I fell in love with a green glass button with a gold highlighted mermaid but the shank on the back was broken and I want to use it on my purse project.
   . She also had a violet one, and she does have the green glass with platinum highlights but I didn't care for that color. In a week or so she should get more of the green glass with gold mermaid; but the more I looked at it I love the violet mermaid too.

Sooooo this little mermaid is on it's way to me-can't wait  now. This button is a little under 2" so I think it will be perfect.  I also purchased a glass czech violet dragonfly button, and a little green and yellow frog that is also czech glass.

I ended up going with the violet cause of the soft color and I had a creative vision today-lol I have several pieces still of violet split leather that is soft. I think the leather will wear better inside of the purse so now to figure out how to fuse the leather and wool crazy quilt patches together-thinking mistyfuse

  I better figure out supper now-as I have had mermaids on my mind for a few days now-lol

Photos of other buttons


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