Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gluten Free Upside Down Pineapple Cake Recipe

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I just took my cake out of the oven-and it is so beautiful! I hadn't written down all my changes to this cake recipe so I decided to share here and then the recipe also will be here for me too-as this recipe is a definate keeper.

I found the recipe on Betty Crocker's site-just look for recipes using their Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix-there are many to choose from and I find this is a nice mix to keep on hand. This makes really nice cupcakes too-and you can change up the flavor as to what you want-I usually added about 1/4 cup of dark cocoa to make chocolate cupcakes.

Gluten Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake

1/4 cup butter
2/3 cup brown sugar-I used 1/3  brown sugar and 1/3 coconut sugar
2 tablespoons corn syrup-I omitted this
9 slices pineapple-I used crushed pineapple instead-drained
    I also added a small handful of fresh blueberries

1 box of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
1/2 cup butter-softened-I used organic coconut oil-melted
2/3 cup water-I used the drained pineapple juice
2 teaspoons vanilla extract-I used my own handmade vanilla extract
3 eggs-I used 2 eggs and a 3.9 oz cup of natural applesauce to replace one of the eggs-you could also make this egg free by using flax seed meal and a little water to replace the eggs

pre heat your oven to 350 degrees f or if using glass-which I think bakes gluten free better-preheat to 325 degrees f

Melt 1/4 cup butter and pour on bottom of a 9" square pan-I did not have that size so I used a 10" round glass pan.

Sprinkle on the brown sugar and I also sprinkled on the coconut sugar. If you want to use the corn syrup go to the site as I think they mixed it all together first before adding to the pan.

Add the pineapple rings or I used the crushed. I then sprinkled on a few blueberries on top of the pineapple-which will bake into the cake a bit-a nice touch and the flavor goes well with the pineapple.

For the cake: In a bowl add the cake mix, the butter or I used coconut oil, the water or juice, the vanilla and the eggs. Beat on low til mixed and then beat on medium speed for about 2 minutes.

Using a spatula- pour over the pineapple and smooth out and even.

Bake for 45 minutes. and test the middle for doneness with a tooth pick.

Immediately have a cake platter ready and flip the cake on to the platter. Let cool for 30 minutes before serving.

Note: in the comments on the Betty Crocker site for this recipe, there were allot of complaints of this cake not getting done in the middle. So what I have done-as soon as the cake is baked enough on top and not just dough-place a piece of parchment paper on top-and then time for 10 minutes and check and keep checking every 10 minutes. 
     Doing this browned the cake more evenly, the cake puffed up nice too, and it was completely done in the middle. With a glass pan will take at lease an hour or perhaps and hour and 15 minutes. It does take longer than the 45 minutes as stated.


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