Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bracing for the Big Storm

  Yesterday I asked hubby to call someone we know that has a teenager in high school if he would fill our fire wood rack for us. So his father and him did come out this afternoon. We visited with the father while the teenager filled our wood rack up by the house. I was so relieved to have the wood nearby.

   Larry isn't able to bring in much wood at one time and I can't right now either so this was worth it me to pay the $20.00. It took him about 45 minutes to do the job. Oh to be young again-lol

  The snow hasn't hit yet but checking the weather one last time before I hit the sack-it is coming any time now-we are right in the middle of the path for 8" of snow, along with howling winds (per the weather lady tonight) and going into Monday way below 0 temps. Wind chills -40 Doesn't look like we will miss out this time around.  I need to remind myself that I do really live in the ozarks right now and no longer on the Wisconsin-Illinois border-lol

  I have filled about 8 gallon jugs with water, and I need to fill up some more large pans of water tomorrow morning. I am praying we don't lose our electric with all that wind coming-cause that means we will also lose our water (we have a well) with those frigid temps.  I know allot of states are in the path of this massive storm too.

  I think hot chocolate will be in order for tomorrow

  Praying we all stay safe and warm.


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