Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year-and Joining in for the First Week of Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts

Happy New Year!

   So did you watch the Rose Parade? I love that parade and I recently discovered that if you watch it on HGTV it is commercial free-so much more enjoyable to watch that way.

  I really wanted to join in today, being that Sew Fresh Quilt's Let's Bee Social begins today; but I just now got to the computer. See link in my right hand column for all the information.

Last night from sitting in the car over to our friends and then being at the party for 4 hours-my back got much worse. This morning it was really worse-major muscle spasms-so it's been a rough go today-can't sit comfortably, can't lay down, hurts when I stand up-I did some research online for herbal treatments and happened to have the calendula and goldenseal to brew into a tea-so I have been soaking a cloth in that and applying to the worse spot-so will see if it helps. We have bad weather coming in today and really do not want to go to a chiropractor right now. Plus I don't think I could even handle a chiropractor right now either.

  So enough of all that. When I am able I am continuing to work on the hand quilting of my Mom's quilt. For the large half triangle blocks on the borders, I have decided to embroider a large red heart which will pick up the red center block in the log cabins. I am at the half way point now. I may embroidery words and phrases on a fabric or wool heart and then embroider that in the middle of the larger hearts.

  I have never made a hexie so I just recently got in glass templates from Val's Quilting Studio-link in my previous post or in my blog list too.  I got the larger template as I do better with large blocks. I may try a wool applique first and soon. 

     I am also planning on embroidering an ocean scene on a crazy quilt wool background-and I am thinking of making a purse.
     I found the pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects Summer 2013 issue. I will follow the pattern for the wool purse but embroider an ocean scene with lots of glass beads, mermaid, sea horse and more. So I am anxiously looking forward to some new glass beads to appear in my mail box. Fun!

   I have decided this year to mostly work on smaller projects-I think I can be more productive that way. I do have a few 1800's quilts I really want to start this year too.

   I do more than quilt-I also love to hand dye both with procion dyes and also natural materials. I like to paint on to fabric with pebeco sun paints. I love to weave, rug hook, (check the search my blog tool) anything with natural fibers-I also like to do a few art quilts using my own hand dyes, and I love using silk noil and wool roving and hand needle felt for accents, and add beads too.

   I am looking forward to meeting those of you that are joining in Let's Bee Social too.


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