Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Catch Up and Soap for Your Valentine

 Hi everyone, I have been busy and I also finally went out of the house yesterday too.  I had not been to town since before Thanksgiving, so since the guys were going in and I could finally wear a pair of jeans (cause of my back) I went along to do a little food shopping. Wow 2 months have gone by-and nope I did not miss getting out of the woods at all-lol

Still  making progress on the hand quilting, I have 10 of the log cabin blocks to quilt yet. I have an online friend that machine embroiders all of my quilt labels, so I ordered the label, and then asked her how expensive it would be to embroider 18 words that will go inside those border hearts-and she offered to help me with that. So I am thrilled-it will look so much nicer too-I will just need to cut out the words and then needle turn the edges under to sew them into those hearts. 

This week I am also working on getting some new items in my Kathyinozarks Soap Shop on Etsy The wonky Christmas bars were a big hit, so I decided to make a tray of soap for Valentine's Day. Would also be good for little gifts or Mother's Day too.

I tried something a little different, and I really love how they turned out. These are made in a 12 bar tray. So I made this soap in layers. The painted looking side was the bottom and then I had made those little mini hearts and embedded them to the top of the soap along with some soap glitter-Very pretty bars of soap. I just listed them in my shop this morning. They are all over 6 ounces, most around 6.8 ounces so a nice size bar of all natural soap. I make this one with the baby buttermilk base that also has honey, calendula, and oatmeal in it-so very creamy.

I also will be making some butter moisturizers this week too; more of the shea butter moisturizer which has become my best seller, and I will be making a chamomile butter moisturizer too, along with a coconut milk bath, and more bath teas some with salts.  So I have been busy reading about new recipes for my shop.

Last summer I had picked up a melt and pour soap making book at a resale shop for .50 cents. This week I finally got that out and really read it-some fun ideas in there-and I was surprised to see a whole chapter on French Milled soap-which is the fancy name for re batched soap. I had never put that together in my mind that it was the same thing. One buys a good quality vegetable based or olive oil soap and then do the same as I did and grate it, melt it down, and add butters, herbs, oils to it-so I am thinking of trying that out with olive oil soap to put in my shop-sounds like fun.

I was hoping my mermaid and other vintage buttons would have arrived in the mail today-but they didn't-so hopefully tomorrow.

We are having an up and down weather pattern here. One day it will be in the 50s or just make it to 60, then the next day the high is in the low 30s. Tomorrow will be very cold in the high 20s and the weekend warm again-The sun is shining today so I love that. I need to go out and see how much wood I can get it. I am able to carry a few arm loads of wood in a day-no more wheel barrels for awhile though.

How has your week been going?? I promise I will catch up soon on visiting your pages too.


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