Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Have Allot of Ice Here Coating the Trees and Power Lines

  Late this afternoon when I went out to fill up the bird feeders and throw out some corn for the deer visitors-I noticed all the tree limbs were really really heavy with ice, and the power lines are really coated too.

  It has been raining just above freezing for over 24 hours now. The rural roads here are clear but nothing else. I told hubby we may lose our electric if this keeps us.

  Just as I was getting ready to make supper-we lost the electric. I have a little light I brought home from my Mom's that has little flourescent tubes inside but runs off a battery. It gives off allot of light so was able to make dinner with no problem. My 10 burner wolf stove-is a real gas stove as it does not need any electric to turn on-wouldn't have it any other way.  Losing our water is not good though when this happens. 

The electric did come back on in an hour. Yeah 

  So I got the dishes washed up, and filled up big pots of water for cooking, and a couple large dye pots to flush the toilet with just in case. I looked at the weather and more rain all night so the ice is just going to build up more-stay right around the freezing mark.

  However Sunday into Monday is a different story-we will be getting into the single digits-so I am getting mentally prepared for loss of electric. 5 years ago maybe 6 years ago we had a severe ice storm and had no power for over 2 weeks-hope we don't go through that this time. With my back being messed up our wood rack is not filled up by the house-so we are going to have to work on that tomorrow. and I need to remind Larry to check on the generator to see if it is ready to go just in case too.

  Just wanted to pop in now in case we do lose power for a few days.

   I have figured out what I want to put in all the large half triangles around the edge of the quilt I am working on; writing in words about my Mom in most of them.-quilter, knitter, rug hooker, Mom, hand dyer of wool, cooked on a wood cookstove--things like that-just need to figure out how I want to do this. Perhaps write it on and then embroidery over the lines.-any ideas??


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