Friday, December 6, 2013

The Storm Pretty Much Missed Us

We have about a half an inch of snow on the ground from last night and light snow falling all morning-so no accumulation and no worries here in my part of the woods.

It's a much different story though for those just a half an hour to an hour away from me-they got up to 4 inches or more of snow so far and a little ice too. However, other parts of Missouri mostly south of me and Arkansas got the bad stuff-lots of ice and up to a foot of snow. 

We will however be bitter cold tonight as the clouds clear out-some stations saying 4 below and others saying 4 above-either way-that's cold LOL

I made some new soaps yesterday. A large bar of soap with a rooster and kids Christmas critter soaps that turned out too cute. I also lowered a few prices on my simply soap bars and set up a bakers dozen listing. You can find them in my Kathyinozarks Soap on Etsy-link to the left here.

I am in the process of making a big pot of chili, and perhaps some cornbread or a loaf of homemade gluten free bread. Sounds like a perfect day today for chili.

I need to get back to those silk blouses this week too, they need to be steamed to get all those wrinkles out. Have not had the chance to get back to that. I also need to get back on the hand quilting if this will get done in time to ship to my Mom this month.

Did any of you watch the live production of the Sound of Music on tv last night? That has always been one of my most favorite shows and I totally enjoyed this presentation-was excellent. They said this was the first time in 50 years that a show like this has been done live for tv. 

I am still watching my mailbox for one more item to be included in our Christmas Giveaway-so please stay tuned for this.


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