Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes it Would be Helpful to be Able to Talk Kitty Language

  Yesterday morning early Miss Calico was being a royal "pain" Constantly scratching up the door and the weather stripping and would not stop, no matter what I tried.

   Since our Nikita had passed (this past February) instead of feeding her in the barn I decided to feed her just outside the front door. Easier on us in the winter time and she had pretty much moved into the gated area to live with Nikita the last two years of her life. I think Miss Calico had sensed Nikita was getting older and would not be with us much longer. They had always been buddies just not living in the same space before.

  Anyways, someone gave us Miss Calico over 10 years ago cause they thought she was pregnant and didn't want the kittens. Larry says yes we'll take her as we always like to have one or two friendly cats on the property, and they help to keep down the small rodent population.  It turns out someone had dumped her on the streets-like so many do here sigh-and she was not pregnant but had been fixed. She was a house kitty at one time cause she was always trying to sneak into the house and she took medicine easily with no problems.

  This year after Nikita passed, especially the last few month Miss Calico is back to sneaking into the house. The morning ritual is when we open the door to feed her she is right there at the door, so we let her come in as we freshen up her food bowl and give her some loving. She no longer has any furry companions so I think she gets lonely too. On warmer days we sit out at the little table and hold her and pet her. and when we are outdoors doing things she always tags along.

  So back to yesterday morning, this went on for hours. I finally got to thinking this is not like her to persist like this, there must be something she is trying to tell me. Finally after about 4 hours I realized her water was froze solid. It didn't look frozen it just looked clean and clear. We have been in the single digits for several days now, but yesterday was the first morning her water was totally froze. After I dumped out the ice and gave her fresh water-she went right to the water and was happy. This morning, I made sure she saw me dump out the solid ice and give her fresh water-she ate and drank and went back up into her vintage suitcase-filled with wool blankets and old wool crochet throws.

  Now why didn't I figure that out sooner?  Our animals do try to tell us things we just need to be better listeners.


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