Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reveal of That Special Project I was Working On

You all have probably totally forgotten about this but back in  late summer early fall I had mentioned I was reading and learning how to paint on fabric, and I could not reveal til my friend posted first.

      My friend Sherry has just posted so now it's my turn-lol

Sherry is working on a special quilt and asked me if I could hand dye a sky for her. Who me?? With Sherry's support telling me I could-I did just that. I am also inspired to paint more pieces this coming spring and summer.

The hand dye techniques that I knew about was not going to make sky fabric the way I had envisioned. During this time I happened to meet from my yahoo weaving group a fiber artist, and I asked her if she could give me any tips or methods to make hand dyed sky. She recommended hand painting on fabric opposed to hand dyeing-in the end I will get hand dyed fabric it's just the method is different.

She referred me to an accomplished artist Mickey Lawler that specializes in hand painted sky fabric.    So I searched Ebay and Amazon and came away with two of her books and her dvd  I highly recommend her books and the dvd was really excellent and very helpful.

Painting sky can be addictive. I find myself looking at the sky more and more now.

I really wasn't sure if I could really do this, as I am not an artist in the sense of painting pictures, never attempted to paint anything before except for house walls-lol, but I came away with some pretty skies and a better appreciation of our beautiful sky as it changes colors constantly. I ended up using the sunrise outside my bay window as I worked on the computer in the early mornings for my inspiration for the final piece. 

This was a large piece of fabric too 60"  I emailed Sherry up and back with my progress and with her confidence in me that I could actually do this-we have sky fabric. 

The piece is so large that it is difficult to get one photo, I don't know how to do that so you can get it all in one, but here are a few closeups. My goal was to paint the sky rising through clouds, and having pretty clouds and colors from the sunrise through out the piece.

If you go to the link above for Sherry she took a photo of pretty much the whole piece-these photos here show more details, I had fabric left over on the two ends so I painted those so she can cut them up for confetti applique. I also sent her one of the practice pieces to cut up for confetti pieces too. I am really anxious to see "our" sky in  her finished quilt.

During the process I painted a smaller piece and then decided to change how I wanted the sun to look-you can find that piece in my Kathyinozarks fiber shop on Etsy.

We decided to do this project as a trade. I have a quilt that I have been attempting to hand quilt but it had the wrong batting and was just a royal "pain". and I really wanted to use this quilt on our bed. Here are a couple photos-more on this story on a future post. I will post when I get the binding and label on.

Isn't Sherry's quilting beautiful-I love it, she found a green thread to match the green in the border perfectly.

Today I am working on the hand quilting for my Mom's lap quilt. No way can I finish for Christmas but my goal is by January for sure. I hurt my back with the firewood yesterday-so this is a good project for me today.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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