Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No I Didn't Burn the Peanut Brittle & a Little Surprise

Single digits this morning so it's really cold but the sun is finally out and all that ice looks like sparkling diamonds now-very pretty out there. Sunshine means I can make candy too, and I wanted to make up a batch of peanut brittle-mostly to give away. 

    I love peanut brittle so I always make up a batch for Christmas. It reminds me of making this with my "farmgirl" Grandma. One year when I was helping her-the nearby curtains caught fire-wow that was a panic-all ended well as did the batch of peanut brittle. I still remember that day vividly and I was probably around 6th or 7th grade that year.

    I have a hard time with it though-cause this is one candy you really  need to know what it looks like. If you take it off the fire too soon it will stick to your teeth and be major tough, if you leave it on the fire just seconds too long it's burnt-and I have done that. My recipe says to bring the final stage to 300 degree or til lightly brown-most years it never quite makes it to the 300, and this year was no different-I got it off just before it would have burnt. I will give most of this away to our friend Mr L and to the post office ladies.
     I posted the recipe in an older post find here  I have my Grandma's recipe too but I have better results with this other vintage recipe.
   Also in the search my blog tool on the right column here; if you search for recipes Christmas you will see lots of recipes I have shared in the past.

   I just heard from the winner of our Christmas Basket giveaway-and he loves loves everything. Dave works so much overtime now that it took me a week to get a hold of him to let him know. His favorite item I think was Meredith's big cup with cozy. Thanks again to all of you that made things for our basket and to all of you that signed up. I have gained from the fun of this giveaway and I have met some wonderful new blog friends along the way too, which is the main reason I love blogging.
   Oh and Meredith I did finally open up the tiny package-I thought all along that it was for decoration to go with the cup and cozy, but when you said it was for me;  before I mailed off the winnings-I thought to myself wow I wonder if there is something inside this cute little package. There was-a needle felted heart pin-Meredith I Love it-thank you much.


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