Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh the weather out there is frightful---actually we woke up yesterday morning to a winter wonderland. The snow flakes were huge and wet so it stuck to everything and made the woods beautiful. That was after a full day of rain and half the night with rain-so we ended up with some ice too-but not too bad.

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So yesterday I cleaned house and got out my two little Christmas trees to decorate, got out a Christmas tablecloth and placemats for the table, and got myself in the festive mood. I had moved some boxes around this summer so am still missing one Christmas box that I mostly wanted my handmade icicles, but still can't find it so used cotton strips instead.

We set up Miss Calico in vintage trunks filled with wool blankets and afgans

Wisteria on the fence

Looking out by the feeders at corner of house

The pine trees, wild rose bush looking into woods line

My two little trees, the little birds nest I collect when I see them after they have fallen from the trees, the elf is very old-gotten in Chicago when I was a child back in the early 60s, quilt on the couch I am hand quilting for my Mom

 Our front pond near the house, with another pond behind it

Today I am making apple pies, and asked Mr L to help me peel and core the pies as I am making two deep dish pies for the guys, and I am still looking for a good gluten free pie crust for me. 

About a month ago I started having allot of pain in my left thumb area, thinking it must me a tendon or something, so Mr L offered to help with the apples-I guess they love my apple pies lol

Happy Sunday!


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