Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Cyber Monday Sales Day and Winter Storm Brewing for Mid-Week Here

Happy Monday!

  I have spent most of this morning editing and rearranging my Kathyinozarks Soap shop on Etsy. For me I have such a difficult time getting noticed or found there-but I keep pursuing. Changed allot of my tags for my items too so hoping that helps with the shoppers.

  The weather report says mid 60's and above today and tomorrow but hold on to your hats-coming in Wednesday; a winter storm is developing. Thursday much colder with ice and they are thinking some of us will get quite an accumulation of snow by Friday and lows of 7 degrees-yikes I am not ready for winter weather at all. LOL

We spent the last 3 days splitting hauling and stacking firewood. My back is pretty sore-like really sore today so I needed to take the day off today from handling the firewood. We still don't have it all in for the winter, but usually we do get breaks in the weather so we can get more in. I never wanted to ever admit that I was getting older and couldn't do what I want to do-well I think the time is getting closer now that the firewood is well just getting heavier lol  May need to look into electric heaters for next year's winter to supplement the wood heat.

Tomorrow I decided to tag along with the guys to Springfield, Mo so I can go to Sams Club and pick up a few items that will be much cheaper than in town here.  Mr L will be getting his second eye worked on and Larry is driving him in. He was going blind, after doing the first eye and couldn't believe how much he was not seeing.

and don't forget-and please pass the word about our upcoming Christmas Basket Giveaway. 

I will post sometime this week.
This year I have asked a couple blog friends to participate too.
We will have soap items and perhaps a mini pillow from me, a handknitted scarf from Rita, handmade jewelry from Lisa, and a coffee cup with handknitted cozy and cocoa mix from our Meredith.  

so stay tuned for the Giveaway!


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