Saturday, December 21, 2013

Icy Wonderland is Back and Quilting & Mom

Happy Saturday! 

It rained all night, I know cause I was up and down most of the night lol, but when it was light around 7 am we saw ice on everything again. The temps must be hovering around freezing cause the driveway is still wet and not ice yet.

I am still having to "baby" my lower back-such a pain-both that it is a pain and hinders me from doing some things-like fill up the wood rack. I think my spine is out of wack, but am hoping with stretch exercises it will go back on it's own-as I really don't care for the chiropractors here.  I am past the worse of it I think-so that is a good thing.

I am a very slow hand quilter, but I am almost at the half way point now.

This is a lap size quilt that my Mom had made. It's made with log cabin blocks set on point-with the triangles on the sides. Mom had also put borders on the sides-but they were so outta wack that I took those off. These small lap quilts from her fabric scrap stash were the last of her quilt making before the dimentia set in. Mom excelled in her quilt making so this was alarming to see at first.

 When I was deciding on how I wanted to quilt this, I had read somewhere to quilt out of the "box" that sometimes a flowing circle type pattern ends up making the straight lines of this log cabin pop more. So I made myself a template of the sassafras quilting motif. It fits perfectly in each block. I still need to decide what to put in the border triangles. I  like it.

I always have a problem getting the design onto the quilt to then hand quilt. This time is no different it seems. I have a pencil I really like and use but does not show up on the darker fabrics. I bought a chalk pencil made by Bohn of France, at the suggestion of a quilting friend,  but it is not working at all for me. Sooooo I went back to school chalk-so I don't get those precise lines-but it is all going pretty well in the end, just not as perfect as I would like-but for this quilt I am not concerned about near perfection.

A tip that I seem to forget about for my own pieces-make sure you have the right batting for the quilting technique you are going to use. I had made a gift quilt with high loft polyester batting and had just enough left over for this quilt-however-definately not an ideal choice for hand quilting. I went to a larger needle so my stitches are not as even or as small as I my usual work.

Mom has just given up, brother says she won't try to meet and visit with people that are at the care facility with her. She no longer reads, try to walk a bit with help, She just sits in her chair and wants to be left alone-totally opposite of her personality. Mom is in Indiana so I don't visit her but I call her every week. I think about Mom every day, so I am using this quilt as my own personal therapy. I originally wanted to mail this to her, but brother says her cousin that she did allot of quilting with, made her a quilt that she never touches-so told me not to send it. I will decide when I finish what to do, I may just keep this as a remembrance quilt to myself.

On another note I wanted to share a recipe for an Orange Spice holiday simmer. I found it when I was blog reading on bloglovin this morning. Find the recipe here This looked so good that I made it already and placed it in our cast iron simmer pot for the wood stove. Will make the house special;  cozy and festive. (guess my simmer pot is pretty dusty-really shows up in photos lol)

Thank you all for your spiced nuts recipe-I will let you know which ones I ended up making-thinking of making two kinds.

Happy weekend!


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