Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I think we are Ready for the Winter Storm

 We had 60's here till just a couple hours ago, now we have the gusty winds and dropping temps. The temps are dropping fast so next up we are to get sleet and ice first before the snow. Hoping for not too much ice-cause heavy ice on power lines is not a good thing.

I got the wood I stacked this week all covered up with tarps, wood under the house close by and the rack filled along with a couple wheel barrels full of firewood too. Larry has the heater on in the pump house, and I have all the laundry caught up, house picked up, but I need to fill up some gallon jugs full of water in case we need them-no power here means no water being on a well. I also filled up all the bird feeders-while it's still warm and not hard to do.
So all is good.

I have been making some soap today for an order and I also made soap in a new mold-which turned out really nice. This new soap is a  very large bar of soap with a rooster for the design-thought it would be nice for all the farm gals and guys and those who raise their own chickens. The fragrance is lemongrass, green tea and sage-I love it.

I am off to get a fire going in the main house before the house drops in temps too much further and finish up my soap.

Stay safe and warm all of you getting this storm too.


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