Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Have Lots of Quilt Books for Sale--I listed a Few Here

Living out in the country as we do, and always have even up in northern Illinois-it has always just been easier for me to buy books I want to see and read than go to the library. My rural library here is growing all the time but it does lack in the creativity books I search for.

I don't buy full price-can't afford that-so I search online for good prices, and I also buy some used from my Yahoo group Quilters Flea Market. This past May I also brought home my Mom's quilting books.

Soooo I am at the point my bookcase is overflowing of books I no longer use or have changed interest in-and I need room for new books-lol

I just listed a few on Ebay can see here I am under Kathyinozarks on Ebay too-and I decided to list some here too. 

This is just a start-lol  The prices shown below are plus shipping-media mail is the most economical for books, I can ship priority as well. I prefer payment with paypal or usps postal money order (no other money orders or checks) just message me with your zip code for shipping prices. I will ship overseas-but beware of very high shipping costs.

My Mom quilted many pieces that used paper piecing and small squares-she amazed me. I really don't think I have an interest in taking this up. As I approach 65 years young this coming fall 2014; I am seriously thinking of what I really want to accomplish and what quilts and projects I want to start and finish and paper piecing is not it for me at this point in my life.

So I thought I would listjust a few books to see if there is any interest. The pricing is always negotiable just message me. I use amazon prices as a guide.

1. Precision Pieced Quilts Using the Foundation Method by Jane Hall and Dixie Haywood.  This is a soft cover book, Chilton Book Company, published 1992 can view here   The book is in very good condition    $5.00

2. Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way by Peggy Martin  This is a soft cover book, C&T publishing 2007   can view here  This book is in very good condition.   $8.00

3. Easy Paper Pieced Keepsake Quilts by Carol Doak   This is a soft cover book from That Patchwork Place published 1995. In good condition, just a very little scuffing on the cover edges. can view here   $3.00

4. 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks by Carol Doak. This is a soft cover book from That Patchwork Place by Martingale 2004  This book also includes a cd (the cd was never used) and the book is in very good condition. can view here  $6.00

5. Easy Stash Quilts by Carol Doak. This is a soft cover book that my mom turned into a spiral bound-so much easier to use with this technique. This book also includes a cd  (the cd was never used) This is from That Patchwork Place by Martingale 1999  This is in very good condition-it does have an address sticker inside the book. you can view here   $3.75

I have more paper piecing books from my Mom's library-this is a start to see if there is an interest for paper piecing books.

6.  Once More Around the Block by Judy Hopkins. A soft cover book that my mom had made into a spiral. That patchwork place by Martingale 2003 This book is in very good condition. you can view here  This includes 200 new blocks and is just full of information as she includes directions for many block sizes for each block. On amazon this book is selling high so I took the middle ground of $20.00 (used books going as high as $50.00)


  1. Hi Kathy, I prefer to buy all my books as well. I do have a library close by, but I can't help myself when I pass a nice book store and find a great book on the sale rack. I've never done any sewing machine and I have never gotten along. I'm always in such awe of the lovely things you quilters create. I hope your holidays were fun, and all good wishes to you in the coming year! xo

  2. Hope you sell some of these so you'll have room for more. The invention of the e-book reader has been my salvation when it comes to space. They're also easier on the eyes too. I got a paperback for Christmas that I'll re-gift. The pages are thin and the print from one page shows through to the next one; it't not my type of novel either. Of course, for how-to books, paper books are better.

    1. I have friends that say they love their e readers more than books-I could never get rid of all my books-I really do love them and I don't know if those electronics would even work here in the woods. we pay allot of money for satelite internet and its not very fast-and we don't do wireless. it would be nice for novels though

    2. I could never give up books either. I love the smell, feel and company of them. Just something about a bookshelf of well read books!!!


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