Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am linking up with Cat Patches for her 2014 New FO Challenge

 I placed Barbara's button about this event in my right hand column. I mainly put it there to remind me to get busy with my quilts that I want to make.

This year instead of just finishing up quilting projects that have been started this challenge is also to just start a quilt project. Now this just fits me perfectly. 

Those of you that have been reading me for a bit know that I have been collecting reproduction civil war fabrics, and 1830's fabrics to make several quilts. I have the fabric now and just can't get myself going on these, and I have several I want to make.

In no particular order: 

From Barbara Brackman I just love her 1830's inspired folk pattern. More information on the pattern here  I have the background fabrics collected already, and also have allot of wools, some I have already dyed with natural dyes that I want to use for the appliques-I think I will enjoy the process more using the wools for these fun appliques-and I really love wools and cotton together in a quilt. I have been collecting lots of different threads and beads too-so who knows how this one will turn out.

Another quilt I have been really wanting to make is another 1830's era quilt that I found in Terry Thompson's Lewis and Clark Volume two pattern book. I did a post on this quilt but I can't find it at the moment. I fell in love with this when I first saw it in one of Barbara Brackman's fabric history books, as Terry Thompson owns the original quilt. I took this photo from the book. I have all the reproductions fabrics for this one too, which also has applique. I bought so much fabric for this piece that there will be plenty left for more quilts from this time period.

I also have the fabrics and want to make Barbara Brackman's 2013 free BOM civil war quilt Dixie Diary find it here  Her quilt was inspired by this book SARAH MORGAN <br> THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF A SOUTHERN WOMAN  Excellent reading if you are intersted in the civil war. I bought this book and could not put it down.

Other quilts in the works is to make a couple quilts from quilt blocks that my Mom embroidered before the dimentia disabled her. We did Sunbonnet Sue blocks together and she also embroidered a couple blocks with a log cabin and bears.

I have not yet made any hexagons so I ordered a glass template from Val and will give it a go this coming year too, if not as soon as it arrives-lol. 

I will be so happy to get these quilts started and finished.  Thank you Barbara for hosting here is a link if you would like to join in


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