Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good Morning Sunday

Good Morning everyone.

Cold temperatures with wind is back today so we will be keeping the two woodstoves full. Really enjoyed the couple days with 50s and 60s-which got all the ice melted off so no worries about losing the power from ice.

Our friend Mr L had given me about 4 pounds of fresh Arkansas pecan halves-wow how awesome is that? So to thank him, I made him a pecan pie yesterday. Of course Larry wanted me make him one too-but I need to figure out how to lower all those sugars as there is a cup of sugar which I change over to splenda but there is also a cup of karo syrup so gotta think about that-lol I had made him one a few weeks back with the karo syrup and splenda but was still too sweet for a diabetic. Larry loves his sweets.

I was planning on making a couple apple-cranberry pies today though. We have apples that need to get used up and I have plenty of fresh cranberries in the freezer, thought that would make a nice change up for the apple pies. But, we needed firewood in yesterday, couldn't get a hold of the one person that could have helped me get it in-so I just did it-well I am really down with my back now-was a rough night last night. Hoping I can find a chair to sit in so I can get back to the hand quilting on Mom's quilt. Larry has severe arthritis so he is in too much pain when bringing in the wood. Those wheel barrels really get ya when we get older. Need to figure out another way for hauling. I have been just carrying 3 or 4 pieces in by hand-but the weight still re aggravated my back. should have known better-but I wanted that firewood in-I can be too stubborn for my own good sometimes lol

I have been thinking about all those people stuck on their ship in Antartic the ice locked them in and they can't move. I love their positive spirits though they said they have enough food for at least a month. The Chinese rescue ship had to turn back, so they are waiting on the next rescue attempt.

  Those of you that sew and craft do you check on Etsy for supplies? I love shopping there. Yesterday I was browsing around and discovered a brand new shop that was selling lots of her vintage beads. She had a beautiful collection and she said she was just beginning to post.
     Last year I finished up my first crazy quilt block made with wool, velvet and silks and learned some new embroidery stitches and added beads-I really enjoyed that-ended up making the block into a pillow. 
   Since then I have been collecting beads and things to make an ocean scene. This shop had a carved mermaid but I didn't like the face-but that item brought me to her shop. I asked her if she had glass beads in ocean colors-and with her help I chose several strands to use for water. I will post a photo and a link to the shop when my beads arrive-I am so excited-it's a little gift to myself.

Wishing you all a warm and cozy Sunday


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