Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good Morning-and the Winner of Our Christmas Basket is---------

First of all I wanted to thank Rita, Lisa, and Meredith for helping me to make this year's Christmas basket extra special.

 I like to have a few giveaways through out the year to thank my special friends and readers here in my blogging world. All of you just make my day, I enjoy our friendships and I enjoy reading about your life adventures too and I also really enjoy learning new things about crafts, herbs, and so much more.

 These giveaways also lead me to meeting new people and friends. This year I replied back to each of you on the giveaway blog and I also visited your sites and shops. Welcome to all of you that found my blog and giveaway through Meredith, Rita, or Lisa and also those of you that found me through those of you that had posted on other social media sites or on a friend's blog.

So enough rambling ya all want to know you won

I mixed up all these entries well each day, and this morning I mixed them up again, closed my eyes and picked one.

    I met Dave on Blogster when Multiply closed down and we were left finding a new blog home, allot of us had started blogging with Yahoo 360 before that site closed down. Dave has a site here on Blogspot and on Blogster and he helped spread the word about our giveaway on Facebook too. Dave is a great guy and blog friend.

  Congratulations Dave!

I am sorry I don't have a basket for all of you but there is always next time lol  The next little giveaway will be for the Grow Your Blog Party hosted by 2 Bags Full-Vicki end of January-button for this with information is on the right column


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