Monday, December 9, 2013

Gingerbread Boys and Girls Coming Out of the Oven

  My favorite all time Christmas cookies has always been the cut out cookies. It was a fun time in the kitchen when we were kids.
  As a result through the years I have collected many cookie cutters both vintage and new-and in all shapes and sizes. I also love the European wood carvings, the clay pottery large cookie molds, the cookie stamps-it's all fun.
  I found recipes for roll out cookies back in 1983 in a Country Home Nov/Dec magazine. These are my favorite recipes by far for roll outs. Here is a link where I shared the recipe for gingerbread.
  This year I used half butter and half coconut oil, used splenda and organic sugar, and for the flour I used spelt flour. You could also use a pastry whole wheat flour which I think adds to the flavor of these cookies. To change the recipe to a light dough use corn syrup instead of molasses, omit all the spices. This year I used lemon extract instead of the vanilla extract. I think I will frost those with a lemon flavored frosting.
  I wanted to share a tip-when rolling out the dough use powered sugar instead of flour. This will keep your cookies tender and the powered sugar disappears during baking.
  I am off to roll out dough into that wood carving-I love the birds, and will also roll some out with one of those carved rolling pins.
  I also made up the light dough last night too-so may just start on those today too. The heat of the oven helps to heat up the middle of the house.
    Oh and we just got our mail this morning, Lisa's handmade jewelry for our Christmas Basket Giveaway has arrived-so will be posting photos and the giveaway soon.
   Here's a few photos of the fun. We have black ice outdoors and still cold-so another perfect day for baking.


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