Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Almost Over

   Sometimes when I think about this year it has really sped by, but allot has happened too. February we lost our furry family member Nikita, whom we still miss so much-she was special and we just really connected with her emotionally. That same month a very long time blog friend died suddenly from an aggressive cancer. I think of her often especially when using one of her recipes.

   My mother's dimentia has gotten much worse since she broke her hip in May. This is a terrible disease that strikes so many. Being a bit selfish I pray every day I don't get it also. My brother has found her an excellent care facility-and she seems happier when I talk with her now on the phone.

   Progress was made on the bathroom project, every year I hope it's the year I get it finished. It's a work of art in progress so I continue to approach it that way. When it's finished-then it will be finished-lol  I also tried some new hand dye techniques and am enthused about doing more this coming year. I am also excited about getting new quilts started and made, and also get back to my weaving and rug hooking. Now that I have a little fenced in garden area-I am excited about spring veggie gardening too.

   Economics is still really bad for us, but I continue to be hopeful things will get better for us. I continue to work up recipes and make things for my Etsy shops.  This coming month I will be offering new bath teas, a coconut milk bath, and more whipped butters for moisturizers. Fun!

    Today my back hurt too much to sit-that's the thing with a sore back it seems to change from day to day. So I made some things to take over tomorrow night for Mr L's shrimp boil New Year's Eve gathering.  I decided on a different recipe for spiced nuts-and I really love it. I didn't want the nuts to taste like a Christmas spiced nut, so I looked for something with herbs. and found Mississippi Spiced Nuts here  Very tasty. I doubled the recipe and it fits nicely into a quart zip lok bag.  I also made divinity fudge with mint extract and a little green food color-excellent! I baked Larry a peach pie-that was already to bake in the freezer. Tomorrow I am going to work on a cream cheese filling to put into those little sweet peppers that I will split in half-that should make a nice appetizer too.

    And surprise for me-Larry ordered me a little Eden Pure heater to help me out-the UPS man dropped it off after supper.
      I love it so far-wasn't that sweet of him??

If I don't post again tomorrow-Happy New Year my dear friends.



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