Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Almost New Year's Eve & Glass Hexie Template Arrived

 I am actually quite excited about welcoming in a new year-I need a new one-lol

  I am pretty much ready for the evening shrimp boil just down the road at our friend Mr L's place. The nuts are even better today-had to try one lol, the divinity has been packed and ready, and I have the mini sweet peppers halved and ready to stuff. I checked online and there were lots of ideas for spicing up the cream cheese-but they all said to bake or boil for a few minutes. So I will pop these in the oven about half an hour before we leave. It takes probably 5 or 7 minutes to get there, and said to bake around 15 minutes.

  I also made up a batch of fresh cranberries and wild blackberries for a chunky sauce-may take that too or not.

  The next thing is to figure out what I can wear-as I have not been able to put on a pair of jeans for a couple weeks now. (my poor back)  Probably sweat pants-too wierd-lol Oh well.

  One of the first things I am going to try making is a hexie-as I have never made one. My new blog friend Val sells templates made out of thick glass so I ordered a large one, and asked if it was possible to get a clear glass one for fussy cutting too. I got them in-and can't wait to use them now. I am also thinking of using these templates to cut out wool-instead of making round wool circles for pennys why not use a hexie shape?? So that is on my list to try as well. Oh and here is a link with photos of hexagon quilts They are made teenie tiny or larger-I am going for larger at the moment.

Hope you have a safe and fun New Year's Eve

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Almost Over

   Sometimes when I think about this year it has really sped by, but allot has happened too. February we lost our furry family member Nikita, whom we still miss so much-she was special and we just really connected with her emotionally. That same month a very long time blog friend died suddenly from an aggressive cancer. I think of her often especially when using one of her recipes.

   My mother's dimentia has gotten much worse since she broke her hip in May. This is a terrible disease that strikes so many. Being a bit selfish I pray every day I don't get it also. My brother has found her an excellent care facility-and she seems happier when I talk with her now on the phone.

   Progress was made on the bathroom project, every year I hope it's the year I get it finished. It's a work of art in progress so I continue to approach it that way. When it's finished-then it will be finished-lol  I also tried some new hand dye techniques and am enthused about doing more this coming year. I am also excited about getting new quilts started and made, and also get back to my weaving and rug hooking. Now that I have a little fenced in garden area-I am excited about spring veggie gardening too.

   Economics is still really bad for us, but I continue to be hopeful things will get better for us. I continue to work up recipes and make things for my Etsy shops.  This coming month I will be offering new bath teas, a coconut milk bath, and more whipped butters for moisturizers. Fun!

    Today my back hurt too much to sit-that's the thing with a sore back it seems to change from day to day. So I made some things to take over tomorrow night for Mr L's shrimp boil New Year's Eve gathering.  I decided on a different recipe for spiced nuts-and I really love it. I didn't want the nuts to taste like a Christmas spiced nut, so I looked for something with herbs. and found Mississippi Spiced Nuts here  Very tasty. I doubled the recipe and it fits nicely into a quart zip lok bag.  I also made divinity fudge with mint extract and a little green food color-excellent! I baked Larry a peach pie-that was already to bake in the freezer. Tomorrow I am going to work on a cream cheese filling to put into those little sweet peppers that I will split in half-that should make a nice appetizer too.

    And surprise for me-Larry ordered me a little Eden Pure heater to help me out-the UPS man dropped it off after supper.
      I love it so far-wasn't that sweet of him??

If I don't post again tomorrow-Happy New Year my dear friends.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good Morning Sunday

Good Morning everyone.

Cold temperatures with wind is back today so we will be keeping the two woodstoves full. Really enjoyed the couple days with 50s and 60s-which got all the ice melted off so no worries about losing the power from ice.

Our friend Mr L had given me about 4 pounds of fresh Arkansas pecan halves-wow how awesome is that? So to thank him, I made him a pecan pie yesterday. Of course Larry wanted me make him one too-but I need to figure out how to lower all those sugars as there is a cup of sugar which I change over to splenda but there is also a cup of karo syrup so gotta think about that-lol I had made him one a few weeks back with the karo syrup and splenda but was still too sweet for a diabetic. Larry loves his sweets.

I was planning on making a couple apple-cranberry pies today though. We have apples that need to get used up and I have plenty of fresh cranberries in the freezer, thought that would make a nice change up for the apple pies. But, we needed firewood in yesterday, couldn't get a hold of the one person that could have helped me get it in-so I just did it-well I am really down with my back now-was a rough night last night. Hoping I can find a chair to sit in so I can get back to the hand quilting on Mom's quilt. Larry has severe arthritis so he is in too much pain when bringing in the wood. Those wheel barrels really get ya when we get older. Need to figure out another way for hauling. I have been just carrying 3 or 4 pieces in by hand-but the weight still re aggravated my back. should have known better-but I wanted that firewood in-I can be too stubborn for my own good sometimes lol

I have been thinking about all those people stuck on their ship in Antartic the ice locked them in and they can't move. I love their positive spirits though they said they have enough food for at least a month. The Chinese rescue ship had to turn back, so they are waiting on the next rescue attempt.

  Those of you that sew and craft do you check on Etsy for supplies? I love shopping there. Yesterday I was browsing around and discovered a brand new shop that was selling lots of her vintage beads. She had a beautiful collection and she said she was just beginning to post.
     Last year I finished up my first crazy quilt block made with wool, velvet and silks and learned some new embroidery stitches and added beads-I really enjoyed that-ended up making the block into a pillow. 
   Since then I have been collecting beads and things to make an ocean scene. This shop had a carved mermaid but I didn't like the face-but that item brought me to her shop. I asked her if she had glass beads in ocean colors-and with her help I chose several strands to use for water. I will post a photo and a link to the shop when my beads arrive-I am so excited-it's a little gift to myself.

Wishing you all a warm and cozy Sunday

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Have Lots of Quilt Books for Sale--I listed a Few Here

Living out in the country as we do, and always have even up in northern Illinois-it has always just been easier for me to buy books I want to see and read than go to the library. My rural library here is growing all the time but it does lack in the creativity books I search for.

I don't buy full price-can't afford that-so I search online for good prices, and I also buy some used from my Yahoo group Quilters Flea Market. This past May I also brought home my Mom's quilting books.

Soooo I am at the point my bookcase is overflowing of books I no longer use or have changed interest in-and I need room for new books-lol

I just listed a few on Ebay can see here I am under Kathyinozarks on Ebay too-and I decided to list some here too. 

This is just a start-lol  The prices shown below are plus shipping-media mail is the most economical for books, I can ship priority as well. I prefer payment with paypal or usps postal money order (no other money orders or checks) just message me with your zip code for shipping prices. I will ship overseas-but beware of very high shipping costs.

My Mom quilted many pieces that used paper piecing and small squares-she amazed me. I really don't think I have an interest in taking this up. As I approach 65 years young this coming fall 2014; I am seriously thinking of what I really want to accomplish and what quilts and projects I want to start and finish and paper piecing is not it for me at this point in my life.

So I thought I would listjust a few books to see if there is any interest. The pricing is always negotiable just message me. I use amazon prices as a guide.

1. Precision Pieced Quilts Using the Foundation Method by Jane Hall and Dixie Haywood.  This is a soft cover book, Chilton Book Company, published 1992 can view here   The book is in very good condition    $5.00

2. Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way by Peggy Martin  This is a soft cover book, C&T publishing 2007   can view here  This book is in very good condition.   $8.00

3. Easy Paper Pieced Keepsake Quilts by Carol Doak   This is a soft cover book from That Patchwork Place published 1995. In good condition, just a very little scuffing on the cover edges. can view here   $3.00

4. 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks by Carol Doak. This is a soft cover book from That Patchwork Place by Martingale 2004  This book also includes a cd (the cd was never used) and the book is in very good condition. can view here  $6.00

5. Easy Stash Quilts by Carol Doak. This is a soft cover book that my mom turned into a spiral bound-so much easier to use with this technique. This book also includes a cd  (the cd was never used) This is from That Patchwork Place by Martingale 1999  This is in very good condition-it does have an address sticker inside the book. you can view here   $3.75

I have more paper piecing books from my Mom's library-this is a start to see if there is an interest for paper piecing books.

6.  Once More Around the Block by Judy Hopkins. A soft cover book that my mom had made into a spiral. That patchwork place by Martingale 2003 This book is in very good condition. you can view here  This includes 200 new blocks and is just full of information as she includes directions for many block sizes for each block. On amazon this book is selling high so I took the middle ground of $20.00 (used books going as high as $50.00)

Good Morning & Blogging Fun in 2014

 Still ice on trees and things this cold morning in the Ozarks, but looks like the sun is trying to shine-as pretty as the ice is, we need to get that all melted off the tree limbs and power lines. Hoping today is the day.

  Geez I am still having lower back problems so can't even pick up anything heavy right now-that is a pain when you heat with wood only-it's been about two weeks now. Good thing is this is the first I have messed up my back for a few years now-so those stretch exercises do help. On to more fun things---

  I wanted to share a couple events I am going to participate in this coming year. I have the button links on the top of my right hand column, just click for more information.

  The first one that starts is Let's Bee Social. This is on Sew Fresh Quilts blog. Her event is held every Wednesday and starts January 1st 2014. The concept of this linky party is to be social and to meet and share with other quilters. One is encouraged to link up a post of something you want to share, and then buzz around meeting others that have also linked up. This is an awesome way to meet new quilters and friends. 

  The next one is the 2nd annual Grow Your Blog Event that has been organized by Vicki at 2 Bags Full. This is another social event to meet new bloggers and find new friends. 
     When I first came here to Blogger I had such a difficult time finding new friends to blog and share with that I had gotten very discouraged. That all changed when I participated in Vicki's event in January 2013.  It is amazing how many blogs that are participating in this-in the 100's. 
    This event is held on January 25th 2014. I had so much fun last January that I will be participating again this year. I will also be having a giveaway to share on my post that day.

I have also decided to link up with Cat Patches for her 2014 New FO Challenge. This event is held the last day of each month and for all those that link up each month she is holding a drawing for a quilt themed lapel pin.  This linky party is to encourage us to start a quilt project-and no we don't have to finish it-lol  I have so many things I just want to get started on that I decided to join in on this one.

So if you are wanting to find new blogs to read and meet new friends please join in. I love being inspired by others and meeting new friends. Since we live secluded here in the woods I really value the friendships here in my blogging community. 

I am ready for a new year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No I Didn't Burn the Peanut Brittle & a Little Surprise

Single digits this morning so it's really cold but the sun is finally out and all that ice looks like sparkling diamonds now-very pretty out there. Sunshine means I can make candy too, and I wanted to make up a batch of peanut brittle-mostly to give away. 

    I love peanut brittle so I always make up a batch for Christmas. It reminds me of making this with my "farmgirl" Grandma. One year when I was helping her-the nearby curtains caught fire-wow that was a panic-all ended well as did the batch of peanut brittle. I still remember that day vividly and I was probably around 6th or 7th grade that year.

    I have a hard time with it though-cause this is one candy you really  need to know what it looks like. If you take it off the fire too soon it will stick to your teeth and be major tough, if you leave it on the fire just seconds too long it's burnt-and I have done that. My recipe says to bring the final stage to 300 degree or til lightly brown-most years it never quite makes it to the 300, and this year was no different-I got it off just before it would have burnt. I will give most of this away to our friend Mr L and to the post office ladies.
     I posted the recipe in an older post find here  I have my Grandma's recipe too but I have better results with this other vintage recipe.
   Also in the search my blog tool on the right column here; if you search for recipes Christmas you will see lots of recipes I have shared in the past.

   I just heard from the winner of our Christmas Basket giveaway-and he loves loves everything. Dave works so much overtime now that it took me a week to get a hold of him to let him know. His favorite item I think was Meredith's big cup with cozy. Thanks again to all of you that made things for our basket and to all of you that signed up. I have gained from the fun of this giveaway and I have met some wonderful new blog friends along the way too, which is the main reason I love blogging.
   Oh and Meredith I did finally open up the tiny package-I thought all along that it was for decoration to go with the cup and cozy, but when you said it was for me;  before I mailed off the winnings-I thought to myself wow I wonder if there is something inside this cute little package. There was-a needle felted heart pin-Meredith I Love it-thank you much.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Handmade Chocolates with Recipe and the Ice in Photos

  The sun peeked out of the clouds for a just a bit this morning, but didn't stay out long enough for me to consider making up the divinity and peanut brittle. I get much better results making candy when it's bright and sunny and not humid.

   Soooo I made my dark chocolate bark and also another dark chocolate drop candy. For our tastes, since we really love the better quality dark chocolates I no longer buy those almond barks that are common in the grocery stores which are mostly milk chocolate. Instead I buy a good quality melting chocolate for the bark, and I combine lots of different dark chocolates for the drops. They come out much richer, and very smooth, and just awesome if you are a chocolate lover. I will gladly share my recipe for the drops if interested just let me know in comments.

Since retirement and moving here to the ozarks, I have gotton spoiled and just love this slab of marble for candy making and rolling out doughs. Hubby had gotton this salvage piece out of a hotel that had gotton torn down in Chicago about 50 years ago. Wow, are we really getting that old? lol  Larry is almost 70 so yep 50 years ago is about right. We had saved this piece to put into a permanent spot upon retirement. I keep it covered with glass cutting boards when I am not using it, to keep it free from getting cuts into in the surface.

  In the bark I added in slivered almonds and dried cranberries, and in the drops it has a good quality white chocolate, about about 3 different dark chocolates that I melted together and then added in fine unsweetened coconut, pecan meal, yellow raisins, and slivered almonds. 

  It has been in the single digits most of the day, so the ice is not melting off at all. When I went outdoors to feed the wild critters I also grabbed the camera. There are also a couple photos I took through the windows. Just click to enlarge the photos, some of the photos have little birds in them too.

Recipe for Kathy's Chocolate Drops

  I got this recipe from my fellow telephone operator one year. Here is the original recipe:

     Peanut Clusters

Makes about 5 dozen pieces, I usually make half the recipe.

2 pounds white bark
1 (12 ounce) bag semisweet chocolate chips
1 (12 ounce) bag milk chocolate chips
1 12 ounce bar German sweet chocolate
4 (12 ounce) cans Planter's peanuts
Combine everything except peanuts and melt in a large bowl. To melt place bowl in 200 degree oven until melted or microwave according to your machine's directions.
  Stir chocolate often until melted, then add in the peanuts stir well.
Drop by spoonful on waxed paper, let set. store in air tight containers or freeze.

Kathy's changes: Kathy's Chocolate Drops

For the white bark I use Baker's white chocolate in those ounce bars or cubes.
I use dark chocolate chips or bars from Ghirardelli chocolate and I do add the German sweet chocolate too. I also add 2 ounces of bittersweet dark chocolate.
 I usually half the recipe and then just figure out how many ounces of chocolate I need all together. 
   I melt my chocolate in a very heavy pan on top of the stove on a heat difuser, keep  an eye on it and stir til melted. You could also melt in a double boiler.
   I like to use almonds, pecans, walnuts any other nut besides peanuts. I also like to add in sometimes fine coconut, a nut meal, dried fruits-really whatever you love just add up the ounces so it totals what you need. 
   After set I keep a tin of these-wax paper between the layers-in the frig, and the rest goes in the freezer.

Kathy's Almond Bark

I use Ghirardelli dark chocolate melting wafters-I found a nice bag of them at a good price at Sam's club this year. Melt them as recipe above. I used 3 cups to make the amount shown. I added in slivered almonds and dried cranberries-a cup total. This is also great with crushed peppermint sticks, or anything you like. Dried blueberries are excellent too.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Good Morning Sunday & Merry Christmas Card for You

  We still have electric this morning, so thankful for that, now to get through today and tomorrow when we will dip into the single digits.

   Working on the quilt this morning, two more blocks and I will be half finished. I do like the idea more and more to embroider words about my Mom in the border triangles. So I am working on a finish by mid January or sooner.

Merry Christmas card for you  click here to view  or a very special religious themed one here

Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Have Allot of Ice Here Coating the Trees and Power Lines

  Late this afternoon when I went out to fill up the bird feeders and throw out some corn for the deer visitors-I noticed all the tree limbs were really really heavy with ice, and the power lines are really coated too.

  It has been raining just above freezing for over 24 hours now. The rural roads here are clear but nothing else. I told hubby we may lose our electric if this keeps us.

  Just as I was getting ready to make supper-we lost the electric. I have a little light I brought home from my Mom's that has little flourescent tubes inside but runs off a battery. It gives off allot of light so was able to make dinner with no problem. My 10 burner wolf stove-is a real gas stove as it does not need any electric to turn on-wouldn't have it any other way.  Losing our water is not good though when this happens. 

The electric did come back on in an hour. Yeah 

  So I got the dishes washed up, and filled up big pots of water for cooking, and a couple large dye pots to flush the toilet with just in case. I looked at the weather and more rain all night so the ice is just going to build up more-stay right around the freezing mark.

  However Sunday into Monday is a different story-we will be getting into the single digits-so I am getting mentally prepared for loss of electric. 5 years ago maybe 6 years ago we had a severe ice storm and had no power for over 2 weeks-hope we don't go through that this time. With my back being messed up our wood rack is not filled up by the house-so we are going to have to work on that tomorrow. and I need to remind Larry to check on the generator to see if it is ready to go just in case too.

  Just wanted to pop in now in case we do lose power for a few days.

   I have figured out what I want to put in all the large half triangles around the edge of the quilt I am working on; writing in words about my Mom in most of them.-quilter, knitter, rug hooker, Mom, hand dyer of wool, cooked on a wood cookstove--things like that-just need to figure out how I want to do this. Perhaps write it on and then embroidery over the lines.-any ideas??

Icy Wonderland is Back and Quilting & Mom

Happy Saturday! 

It rained all night, I know cause I was up and down most of the night lol, but when it was light around 7 am we saw ice on everything again. The temps must be hovering around freezing cause the driveway is still wet and not ice yet.

I am still having to "baby" my lower back-such a pain-both that it is a pain and hinders me from doing some things-like fill up the wood rack. I think my spine is out of wack, but am hoping with stretch exercises it will go back on it's own-as I really don't care for the chiropractors here.  I am past the worse of it I think-so that is a good thing.

I am a very slow hand quilter, but I am almost at the half way point now.

This is a lap size quilt that my Mom had made. It's made with log cabin blocks set on point-with the triangles on the sides. Mom had also put borders on the sides-but they were so outta wack that I took those off. These small lap quilts from her fabric scrap stash were the last of her quilt making before the dimentia set in. Mom excelled in her quilt making so this was alarming to see at first.

 When I was deciding on how I wanted to quilt this, I had read somewhere to quilt out of the "box" that sometimes a flowing circle type pattern ends up making the straight lines of this log cabin pop more. So I made myself a template of the sassafras quilting motif. It fits perfectly in each block. I still need to decide what to put in the border triangles. I  like it.

I always have a problem getting the design onto the quilt to then hand quilt. This time is no different it seems. I have a pencil I really like and use but does not show up on the darker fabrics. I bought a chalk pencil made by Bohn of France, at the suggestion of a quilting friend,  but it is not working at all for me. Sooooo I went back to school chalk-so I don't get those precise lines-but it is all going pretty well in the end, just not as perfect as I would like-but for this quilt I am not concerned about near perfection.

A tip that I seem to forget about for my own pieces-make sure you have the right batting for the quilting technique you are going to use. I had made a gift quilt with high loft polyester batting and had just enough left over for this quilt-however-definately not an ideal choice for hand quilting. I went to a larger needle so my stitches are not as even or as small as I my usual work.

Mom has just given up, brother says she won't try to meet and visit with people that are at the care facility with her. She no longer reads, try to walk a bit with help, She just sits in her chair and wants to be left alone-totally opposite of her personality. Mom is in Indiana so I don't visit her but I call her every week. I think about Mom every day, so I am using this quilt as my own personal therapy. I originally wanted to mail this to her, but brother says her cousin that she did allot of quilting with, made her a quilt that she never touches-so told me not to send it. I will decide when I finish what to do, I may just keep this as a remembrance quilt to myself.

On another note I wanted to share a recipe for an Orange Spice holiday simmer. I found it when I was blog reading on bloglovin this morning. Find the recipe here This looked so good that I made it already and placed it in our cast iron simmer pot for the wood stove. Will make the house special;  cozy and festive. (guess my simmer pot is pretty dusty-really shows up in photos lol)

Thank you all for your spiced nuts recipe-I will let you know which ones I ended up making-thinking of making two kinds.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am Looking for a Holiday Recipe for Sugar Spiced Nuts

 I was given a few quart bags of fresh Arkansas Pecan halves, So I thought this would make a nice New Year's Eve snack to take to a gathering. There is all kinds of recipes on line, some use an egg white some don't. Never made this before.

Do any of you have a recipe you like to use? thanks

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am linking up with Cat Patches for her 2014 New FO Challenge

 I placed Barbara's button about this event in my right hand column. I mainly put it there to remind me to get busy with my quilts that I want to make.

This year instead of just finishing up quilting projects that have been started this challenge is also to just start a quilt project. Now this just fits me perfectly. 

Those of you that have been reading me for a bit know that I have been collecting reproduction civil war fabrics, and 1830's fabrics to make several quilts. I have the fabric now and just can't get myself going on these, and I have several I want to make.

In no particular order: 

From Barbara Brackman I just love her 1830's inspired folk pattern. More information on the pattern here  I have the background fabrics collected already, and also have allot of wools, some I have already dyed with natural dyes that I want to use for the appliques-I think I will enjoy the process more using the wools for these fun appliques-and I really love wools and cotton together in a quilt. I have been collecting lots of different threads and beads too-so who knows how this one will turn out.

Another quilt I have been really wanting to make is another 1830's era quilt that I found in Terry Thompson's Lewis and Clark Volume two pattern book. I did a post on this quilt but I can't find it at the moment. I fell in love with this when I first saw it in one of Barbara Brackman's fabric history books, as Terry Thompson owns the original quilt. I took this photo from the book. I have all the reproductions fabrics for this one too, which also has applique. I bought so much fabric for this piece that there will be plenty left for more quilts from this time period.

I also have the fabrics and want to make Barbara Brackman's 2013 free BOM civil war quilt Dixie Diary find it here  Her quilt was inspired by this book SARAH MORGAN <br> THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF A SOUTHERN WOMAN  Excellent reading if you are intersted in the civil war. I bought this book and could not put it down.

Other quilts in the works is to make a couple quilts from quilt blocks that my Mom embroidered before the dimentia disabled her. We did Sunbonnet Sue blocks together and she also embroidered a couple blocks with a log cabin and bears.

I have not yet made any hexagons so I ordered a glass template from Val and will give it a go this coming year too, if not as soon as it arrives-lol. 

I will be so happy to get these quilts started and finished.  Thank you Barbara for hosting here is a link if you would like to join in

Reveal of That Special Project I was Working On

You all have probably totally forgotten about this but back in  late summer early fall I had mentioned I was reading and learning how to paint on fabric, and I could not reveal til my friend posted first.

      My friend Sherry has just posted so now it's my turn-lol

Sherry is working on a special quilt and asked me if I could hand dye a sky for her. Who me?? With Sherry's support telling me I could-I did just that. I am also inspired to paint more pieces this coming spring and summer.

The hand dye techniques that I knew about was not going to make sky fabric the way I had envisioned. During this time I happened to meet from my yahoo weaving group a fiber artist, and I asked her if she could give me any tips or methods to make hand dyed sky. She recommended hand painting on fabric opposed to hand dyeing-in the end I will get hand dyed fabric it's just the method is different.

She referred me to an accomplished artist Mickey Lawler that specializes in hand painted sky fabric.    So I searched Ebay and Amazon and came away with two of her books and her dvd  I highly recommend her books and the dvd was really excellent and very helpful.

Painting sky can be addictive. I find myself looking at the sky more and more now.

I really wasn't sure if I could really do this, as I am not an artist in the sense of painting pictures, never attempted to paint anything before except for house walls-lol, but I came away with some pretty skies and a better appreciation of our beautiful sky as it changes colors constantly. I ended up using the sunrise outside my bay window as I worked on the computer in the early mornings for my inspiration for the final piece. 

This was a large piece of fabric too 60"  I emailed Sherry up and back with my progress and with her confidence in me that I could actually do this-we have sky fabric. 

The piece is so large that it is difficult to get one photo, I don't know how to do that so you can get it all in one, but here are a few closeups. My goal was to paint the sky rising through clouds, and having pretty clouds and colors from the sunrise through out the piece.

If you go to the link above for Sherry she took a photo of pretty much the whole piece-these photos here show more details, I had fabric left over on the two ends so I painted those so she can cut them up for confetti applique. I also sent her one of the practice pieces to cut up for confetti pieces too. I am really anxious to see "our" sky in  her finished quilt.

During the process I painted a smaller piece and then decided to change how I wanted the sun to look-you can find that piece in my Kathyinozarks fiber shop on Etsy.

We decided to do this project as a trade. I have a quilt that I have been attempting to hand quilt but it had the wrong batting and was just a royal "pain". and I really wanted to use this quilt on our bed. Here are a couple photos-more on this story on a future post. I will post when I get the binding and label on.

Isn't Sherry's quilting beautiful-I love it, she found a green thread to match the green in the border perfectly.

Today I am working on the hand quilting for my Mom's lap quilt. No way can I finish for Christmas but my goal is by January for sure. I hurt my back with the firewood yesterday-so this is a good project for me today.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Good Morning-and the Winner of Our Christmas Basket is---------

First of all I wanted to thank Rita, Lisa, and Meredith for helping me to make this year's Christmas basket extra special.

 I like to have a few giveaways through out the year to thank my special friends and readers here in my blogging world. All of you just make my day, I enjoy our friendships and I enjoy reading about your life adventures too and I also really enjoy learning new things about crafts, herbs, and so much more.

 These giveaways also lead me to meeting new people and friends. This year I replied back to each of you on the giveaway blog and I also visited your sites and shops. Welcome to all of you that found my blog and giveaway through Meredith, Rita, or Lisa and also those of you that found me through those of you that had posted on other social media sites or on a friend's blog.

So enough rambling ya all want to know you won

I mixed up all these entries well each day, and this morning I mixed them up again, closed my eyes and picked one.

    I met Dave on Blogster when Multiply closed down and we were left finding a new blog home, allot of us had started blogging with Yahoo 360 before that site closed down. Dave has a site here on Blogspot and on Blogster and he helped spread the word about our giveaway on Facebook too. Dave is a great guy and blog friend.

  Congratulations Dave!

I am sorry I don't have a basket for all of you but there is always next time lol  The next little giveaway will be for the Grow Your Blog Party hosted by 2 Bags Full-Vicki end of January-button for this with information is on the right column

Monday, December 16, 2013

Count Down to Our Merry Christmas Basket Giveaway

Just a little reminder; tonight is your last chance to sign up for our Merry Christmas Basket Giveaway Go here to sign up  I will draw a name between 5am and 7am Tuesday morning, that's the time I usually wake up-lol

Good luck to all of you.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Oh the weather out there is frightful---actually we woke up yesterday morning to a winter wonderland. The snow flakes were huge and wet so it stuck to everything and made the woods beautiful. That was after a full day of rain and half the night with rain-so we ended up with some ice too-but not too bad.

(please go here for the Christmas basket giveaway-drawing this coming Tuesday morning)

So yesterday I cleaned house and got out my two little Christmas trees to decorate, got out a Christmas tablecloth and placemats for the table, and got myself in the festive mood. I had moved some boxes around this summer so am still missing one Christmas box that I mostly wanted my handmade icicles, but still can't find it so used cotton strips instead.

We set up Miss Calico in vintage trunks filled with wool blankets and afgans

Wisteria on the fence

Looking out by the feeders at corner of house

The pine trees, wild rose bush looking into woods line

My two little trees, the little birds nest I collect when I see them after they have fallen from the trees, the elf is very old-gotten in Chicago when I was a child back in the early 60s, quilt on the couch I am hand quilting for my Mom

 Our front pond near the house, with another pond behind it

Today I am making apple pies, and asked Mr L to help me peel and core the pies as I am making two deep dish pies for the guys, and I am still looking for a good gluten free pie crust for me. 

About a month ago I started having allot of pain in my left thumb area, thinking it must me a tendon or something, so Mr L offered to help with the apples-I guess they love my apple pies lol

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now Ended Merry Christmas Basket Giveaway Now Ended

This year's Christmas Basket Giveaway is extra special because I invited a couple of my blog friends to participate with me and Rita.

I was so excited to get photos taken this morning that I forgot to dress up my basket a bit with pretty tissue papers-which I will do when I pack everything to ship to the lucky winner.

Rita has shared one of her beautiful hand knit scarfs which can be worn by anyone. She had it packaged so nice I was worried about getting it back together as nice-so I kept it packaged for the photo.

Rita and her daughter have a lovely shop on Etsy so please visit her here when you get the chance:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/SticksNStonesGifts

My blog friend Meredith was making lots of these adorable cup cozies with hot cocoa mix for gifts that I just totally fell in love with. I asked her if she would make one for our giveaway and she said yes. She included the cute little package tie on-that I will include. Find Meredith here:

I have enjoyed my handmade bracelet by Lisa so much that I asked Lisa if she would like to make something for our giveaway. Isn't this a beautiful set? She made us a necklace with matching ear rings. So festive-I love them. Find Lisa here on her blog  http://carefreejewelrybylisa.blogspot.com/  and also at her Etsy shop here https://www.etsy.com/shop/carefreejewelry

From me I am including a large wonky bar of peppermint soap, a kids critter soap, foaming pumpkin scrub, and one of my mini lavender sachets. The mini sachet has hand dyed and tea dyed fabrics along with hand stitching and a little heart button.

Now for the giveaway:

Our giveaway is open to everyone, allot of bloggers are set for no reply-so if you are a no reply,  please add your email to comments so I can get hold of you-should you be the winner. If I can not contact you I will draw another name. 

This is the official sign up post-so only on this post thank you.

For extra chances:

Post a link to this giveaway site on your blog or on another social media site that you have. then leave me a comment telling me you did and where. This will give you 1 more chance.

Be a follower, or a reader (like bloglovin) or add as favorite on Etsy shops for any of us or all of us. This will give you up to 4 more chances. please write in comments that you did.

(So this will give you a total of 6 chances if you choose to enter all of them-a sign up for everyone, post on social media, and follow or favorite each of us)

Sign Up Starts Now

Winner will be chosen early morning December 17th, 2013 (as your comments come in, I am hand writing down your entries on little pieces of paper-folding and placing them in a vintage iron kettle-the old fashioned way lol)

Good Luck to all of you 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Gingerbread Boys and Girls Coming Out of the Oven

  My favorite all time Christmas cookies has always been the cut out cookies. It was a fun time in the kitchen when we were kids.
  As a result through the years I have collected many cookie cutters both vintage and new-and in all shapes and sizes. I also love the European wood carvings, the clay pottery large cookie molds, the cookie stamps-it's all fun.
  I found recipes for roll out cookies back in 1983 in a Country Home Nov/Dec magazine. These are my favorite recipes by far for roll outs. Here is a link where I shared the recipe for gingerbread.
  This year I used half butter and half coconut oil, used splenda and organic sugar, and for the flour I used spelt flour. You could also use a pastry whole wheat flour which I think adds to the flavor of these cookies. To change the recipe to a light dough use corn syrup instead of molasses, omit all the spices. This year I used lemon extract instead of the vanilla extract. I think I will frost those with a lemon flavored frosting.
  I wanted to share a tip-when rolling out the dough use powered sugar instead of flour. This will keep your cookies tender and the powered sugar disappears during baking.
  I am off to roll out dough into that wood carving-I love the birds, and will also roll some out with one of those carved rolling pins.
  I also made up the light dough last night too-so may just start on those today too. The heat of the oven helps to heat up the middle of the house.
    Oh and we just got our mail this morning, Lisa's handmade jewelry for our Christmas Basket Giveaway has arrived-so will be posting photos and the giveaway soon.
   Here's a few photos of the fun. We have black ice outdoors and still cold-so another perfect day for baking.


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