Friday, November 29, 2013

Seeing as Today through Monday Officially Kicks of Christmas Sales---

   I have decided to join in the frenzy of the Christmas shopping sales by offering a free gift to thank you for shopping at my small business's on Etsy.
    With Black Friday today, support small business tomorrow, and cyber Monday coming up-I am offering a free gift of one bar of soap. This offer will be in effect right now through midnight Cyber Monday. (any order under 20.00 (not including shipping) will receive a bar of guest soap and any order over 20.00 (not including shipping) will receive a full bar of soap-this applies to both my fibers and my soap shop)
    Links to my shops are on the upper left hand corner of my page-just click on kathyinozarks in the fibers or soap shop link.
  I also have coupon codes going too in both shops-find those at my shop pages. 
   In comments on your purchase just write in free gift.

Enjoy all that shopping and please shop at least a little bit for handmade or small business.


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