Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remember those Awesome Cookbooks by Molly Katzen-Moosewood Series?? ( I am dating myself here lol) & Re Working one of my Bear Pieces

 Back in my vegetarian days-in the 70's and the 80's I had acquired several cookbooks that I just loved. Among my favorites were by Molly Katzen. I have not made a quiche in years and years, and used to be one of my go to recipes for a veggie night after I no longer was a vegetarian. 
    You can change up the cheese you want to use, change up the milk you want to use, and add mushrooms or not and sauted veggies that you like. When I had fresh garden veggies-I would saute them up and chop small and perfect for this too.
   So tonight I dug out my old cookbook and went by her mushroom swiss cheese quiche but changed the cheese to a sharp cheddar, used wild mushrooms that Mr L was lucky to find yesterday, and also saute'd some fresh spinach and onions. I used unsweetened soy milk for the milk. I made up a gluten free crust. Just checked on it and it's looking good-almost set now.

Mmmm I'm back from eating supper-and this was a nice dish for something different. Turned out yummy for sure.

I just checked online and she has her own site now go here to take a look. I have allot of her older books and I see she has a new one out now too and has updated her original Moosewood cookbook.

  Another lazy day for me, I dug out an older project that was about finished, just waiting for framing but decided it needed some more needle felting with silk noil and wool roving. I decided the leaves and the berries looked a little too unfinished, so I am needle felting over all the berries and the leaves now. This piece also ended up not being a standard size so I need to decide later how to finish this piece-this one is for us. 
    The pattern was a quilt pattern by McKenna Ryan. She is a very popular pattern designer of these applique quilts. Her patterns are always very detailed, and you stitch down all the edges of the appliques with a sewing machine-which I have never liked as an applique technique. She also designs the batik fabric for her patterns as well.
    I had contacted her if I could sell this piece as long as I gave her full credit for the pattern-and I told her I had changed the technique a bit but used her pattern pieces and design; she would not allow me to do that without giving her a large commission and I had to sign papers or something so I decided no-not going there (I personally think that's pushing the quilt pattern copyright laws a bit). My opinion has always been when ever someone's quilt pattern is used that I bought, I should be able to do anything with my finished piece as long as I give full credit to the pattern designer, but many will not allow you to do anything but make one piece for personal use.
    All the fabrics in this piece are my own hand dyed or sun painted fabrics, except for the bears which are reclaimed felted wool. That yellow was reclaimed jacket lining that I rust dyed and sun pained. I really love this piece so will enjoy it in my home once finished.

   If you visit her site (link above) and search for her older patterns this one is still available. I think it is bears and huckleberries.

   Have a great new week all.


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