Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Won--a Savora Ice Cream Scoop

  I am really not someone that wins on a regular basis-I really am not, but I seem to be winning off and on this year; and it's so much fun too LOL

  I started reading the Wonky Wonderful blog cause she posts many really delicious looking recipes. When I entered the contest for this ice cream scoop here  she shared a delicious looking Vanilla Chai Ice Cream recipe too. I really don't have a nice ice cream scoop so I figured well why not enter-lol  Fast delivery too, I gave her my address and I got the scoop in just a couple of days. I love the "hand" of this scoop, comfortable to hold and the handle has weight to it.

Vanilla Chai Ice Cream Recipe and a #Giveaway

Reading through some blogs this morning, I am running into posts that are hosting giveaways in a Quilter's Blog Hop Party-how fun is this??-a way to meed new friends and I just signed up for some beautiful hand dyed fabrics. I set up a link on the top right hand column that will take you to the list of participants-she said she would post the list later today.

The link under the blog hop will take you to a list of handcrafters that are selling homemade items for your Holiday shopping-once you click on that link-you need to scroll down just a bit for the list of participants.

I also wanted to share that yesterday I received a big box with my quilt in it that just came back from the long arm quilter. I love it! 
     More about the story of my quilt later. This was the trade for a special hand painted piece I did for the quilter. Photos later once I get the binding sewed on, and she posts first about what I made for her.

  Today we have rain all day, and is to continue through Friday before it turns very cold-so hoping no ice develops over the weekend. No lightening so far, so I am catching up on the laundry and reading blogs today-

Enjoy your day


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