Monday, November 25, 2013

Good Morning Monday

Happy Monday everyone,
   This may be a very busy week for allot of you. Here in the states our Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday and then the sales begin for Christmas shopping. Those seem to come earlier and earlier every year-now sales have begun already in many stores and others are beginning on Thanksgiving day-I hope allot of people don't go out and shop then but wait til Friday instead-just saying.
   When I worked I most always worked all the holidays (telephone company operator) cause the overtime pay was worth it-and it's always been just the two of us. Back then I would choose one of my days off and make this gigantic feast and invite friends that had no family nearby either-always good eats with friends. 
    Now that we are retired and live even more secluded here in the woods-which I love-it's still just the two of us but no friends to invite over. However, when our out of state friends come in for deer season I celebrate those fun days as our holiday.
   This year since my husband's heritage is Jewish and the first day of Hanukkah is falling on Thanksgiving day (and won't happen again til almost 78,000 years from now) I decided to grab the moment and cook up foods for both holidays. I only  knew about this cause my Living Without magazine (gluten free) had a whole issue on combining these holidays with foods-everything sounds so delicious. So will report back on how this turns out and what I decided to make.
    Over the weekend it was sooooo bitter cold here-very low teens at night and yesterday it didn't even get above freezing during the day. No snow so far here though. What made it rough for us-our woodstove in the main part of the house was giving us issues-even after cleaning it well that it took hubby most of the weekend to get it going again-so with the main house so cold I did some hand quilting in the bedroom (where there is also a woodstove) and watched mostly Christmas movies-lol This time a year for some reason I am just hooked on catching up with all those family Christmas movies over on Hallmark channel. I really love that, and go down memory lane of my childhood.

   Wow, I didn't intend to right a book already on just stuff-lol  I am going to make some more Christmas soaps today and then get them listed in my Kathyinozarks Soap shop on Etsy. I will post some new photos and links in the next day or two.

  Over the weekend I did manage to visit all the blogs in the blog hop-the link is on my page here right column top button. This is for quilters and wow there are some awesome giveaways of fabrics and more. I also started following a few new blogs that looked very inspiring. I really enjoy learning new things and seeing what others are creating. The theme for this blog hop was being thankful and greatful-so was a joy to visit everyone-there are over 150 blogs to visit-so I did that off and on over the weekend too-there is still time to visit the hop-some close early tomorrow but most are closing entries at midnight tomorrow night.

  That's my catch up so far-what are your plans for this week??


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