Monday, November 11, 2013

Good Morning Monday & Catch Up

 Good morning my dear readers,
  I wanted to say first that I am not on the computer as much these days cause my old old computer is just not working well-it takes forever to load anything and then to do anything now. So I do read most of you but don't always comment cause of this.
   In particular these days my etsy shop crashes on me all the time so hard to view items or load so I have let my shops "fend" for themselves and as a result I have only had one sale all summer through now-so I am just going to have to use hubby's computer in the evenings to at least load some new items. I want to make a few new Christmas soaps and perhaps Rita and I will be offering a Christmas giveaway basket-so stay tuned.

  Prayers for those in the Phillippeans, I feel so bad with what they are experiencing now. Mother nature can be so cruel sometimes, and I know this is life but this was so huge in it's impact.

   Today is our last day this week to enjoy gorgeous weather-calm winds, sunshine and mid 60s in temps-it's been wonderful! Our friend Keith is here now so we have also been enjoying some "good eats" I  made a couple pies for all of us (gluten free pumpkin pie, and apple raisin pie), a little ham the other night and last night I made fajitas-not sure about what I will make tonight.
   However tonight through Thursday morning we have old man winter stopping by-high winds, snow flurries, and the high tomorrow low 30s and three evenings in the teens and low 20s-Wow that is a shock to the system!!  So tomorrow I know I will be making a big pot of bean soup with ham along with homemade cornbread in a cast iron skillet. Also a good time to warm up the house in the mornings with fresh pie baking and banana bread, and perhaps some cookies.

  We have been very stressed over our friend Mr P-he ended up with rocky mountain spotted fever-and since he failed to get to a doctor quickly he is in the 2nd stage before the doctors figured out what was going on. His family thinks we are the "bad guys" in all this and since we are not sure where he is living these days-thinking at one of his daughter's homes, have not been able to talk to him since he left here, we finally got his phone number last week, but he called back once when we were out of the house, and hasn't tried again to keep in touch. 
    A friend of the family that comes down to visit us sometimes, told us Mrs P is telling everyone we are the bad ones-geesh such drama. I am not going to mentally let them get us to play into all this and make us feel bad-I'm just not. But in the back of our minds we are stressed and concerned. 
     To make things worse hubby is getting most of Mr P's scope repairs back to re fix-so that is adding more stress for his business as he has to explain to all his customers why the repairs were not done properly, and he paid Mr P a good wage.
     Mr P must not be in touch with his body at all to not realize he was sick and needed to find out what was happening. I am thinking these two are just very dysfunctional indivduals-don't know when this all happened as Larry has been his friend for over 40 years now and thinks of Mr P as a brother.-I am really not so sure anymore. 

  I know "stuff" happens

Keep calm, breath, keep an open mind is what I have been telling myself through all this.

  I am off to warm up my cup of tea, and to clean out the woodstove in the living room-we are going to need to build a fire tonight to keep the main house from being super cold tomorrow morning.  With no winds, Larry was able to go up on the roof and be a chimney sweep for this stove yesterday afternoon. We still don't have all of our wood in yet either-but he has allot of wood ready for the splitter. 

  Happy Veterans Day to all of you that have served-thank you so much. My sweetie got an extra hug today for his time served and keeping our country safe.

  Have a good new week everyone.



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