Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coupons for my Kathyinozarks Etsy Shops

Good morning all, well the sunshine has been out now for a couple days and no more high winds-which is a very good thing. We missed the tornadoes here where I live-thank goodness.

Our last friend headed back home early this morning-do to the high winds here on Saturday and Sunday, no one got a deer-but everyone did see deer the first morning. Lots of good eats every day though-we always look forward to this time of year. I smoked a large turkey on the weber grill Friday evening, we had smoked trout and beef brisket Saturday evening, Sunday we had very thick pork chops which turned out tender and awesome, and last night I smoked a venison ham that I had in the freezer from last year. I had baked up mint chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and another apple pie with yellow raisins, and one friend's wife always bakes a cheesecake for Larry-so definately enough desserts around to enjoy as well-lol

For Christmas shopping I just added a coupon code to my Kathyinozarks Fibers shop on Etsy    type in ozarkschristmas for 10% off a minimum purchase of $20.00   I set up my fat 1/8 hand dyed pieces to be sold as single pieces instead of needing to purchase a set. You can also mix and match colors of a set of 5 for a savings too. This week I will work on getting my silk blouses listed. I have listed a few rust dyed pieces and one piece of silk on silk hand dyed fabric. I still have a couple vintage tins for sale and a vintage bird picture made with feathers.

In the coming days I will be making a couple Christmas soaps to add to  my Kathyinozarks Soaps shop. I also set up a coupon here too-type in ozarkschristmas2 for 10% off a minimum purchase of $20.00

Is Christmas shopping really here already?? LOL the stores seem to start earlier and earlier every year. I love to shop handmade mostly.


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