Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warm but Rainy Here

  We are back in the 60s with allot of rain off an on. The colors of the leaves are gorgeous now and when the wind blows we get raining leaves-I love that scene.

  I am having one of those blah days-not allot of energy to get things done. So I have been laying around reading magazines most of the day, sitting outside a bit with our kitty calico, and also working on catching up on my blog reading. I had gotton quite a bit behind so I did read allot of you from my bloglovin list-and then just finally hit the button that I had read everyone-so can start fresh tomorrow. So many interesting things to read about-everything you are all doing and creating. I enjoy it allot especially on days like this. I get allot of inspiration reading what others are making or doing.

  The guys went out to fish for a bit this morning for trout. Larry needed a break from working so much, and he needs to take advantage of our warm weather right now too. So we'll be having trout for supper along with a big fresh salad.

  This Saturday we change our clocks back. I really wish though that the guys that do this would choose one time and leave it at that. and on another political note-I have always been against obamacare-the take over of our health freedoms. The lies he promoted are now real. He continually "preached" that those who had insurance already would not be effected-everything the same. He was sooooo wrong about this. I just checked the premiums for my health insurance (which I worked for all those years so I would have them upon retirement) are now triple the price from last year-I am so unhappy. How is one on retirement suppose to afford this?? Only plus to this; at least I did not get cancelled as millions of others who already had insurance as well did. What a mess this administration has gotton us into here. Sorry about the politics which I try to avoid here-but there it is.

   I am off to make supper-enjoy your week all


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