Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rug Hooking & a Crazy Quilt Purse as a New Project

Good morning, 
    My friend Jim here a few months back when I had posted about rug hooking, sent me a link to a site that was in Nova Scotia. Last night I finally really browsed the site and joined their newsletter.
    This is a gorgeous site, and she offers allot of free information on her site for beginners. She also offers a downloadable pdf  Rug Hooking Guide when you sign up. This looks like an amazing place for wool lovers-I would for sure drop in if I was to ever be in the area. I love her pattern designs too.
   If you type in rug hooking in the search my blog tool here you will see my stars piece I have been working on. This winter I plan to get this piece finished up-I am working on the border now. This is my first rug hooking piece-my only hope is that after I steam press it will lie flat-lol  In the beginning I got my stitches packed in too tight so we will see. 
   Those of you that have followed me for a bit know I like to repurpose and reuse so my stars rug is made from wool clothing I picked up at the resale shops and took apart, felted, and hand cut. In this piece I didn't over dye any of the wool. I am also anxious to get this piece completed so I can begin on my next one. I have wanted to make a hearth rug for in front of the wood stove in the living room so that will be my next rug hooking project, along with some smaller pieces for little quickies. Is there ever anything quick that I do-lol I doubt it-
   In the Summer 2013 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine that I just got in this week as a back order issue-there is a pattern for making a crazy purse-I love this! I was searching for a photo of it online and didn't find one.
    That one crazy quilt block I had made into a pillow, I made with wool and velvet-and this pattern for the purse is made with wool-I Love it! I really enjoyed the piece I had made and have been wanting to get back into this but on a small scale-I think this purse will be perfect. I have been wanting to do an under the sea piece so may decide to do this on the purse. I may also make my purse with my ozarks woods motifs instead-with oak, hickory & or sassafras leaves, wildflowers, perhaps a wild critter or two-need to decide which one now lol. If this goes well, may just make two-we can always use extra purses right?

   The house has been so cold this week with the dropping temps from cloudy skies and brisk winds-it is autumn after all but we have been mostly spoiled this year with wonderful weather so I need to get used to it again. I did get the area finished that had been prepped for the tissue paper but I did not get it painted with the kilnz yesterday-hope to do that today. We needed to go in to town yesterday so I picked up more tissue paper. I will be just short a few pieces to finish the walls around the tub so I needed at least one more package. I have decided to use this technique on the ceiling. In the end I think it will be easier for me to do this then playing with that white stuff in a box and figuring out a texture with that, so I picked up 3 packages total which should be just enough. 

  By the weekend I must get serious about cleaning the house and getting it ready for our hunters mid November. The kitchen especially needs a good scrub. I think I will be making fruitcakes tomorrow morning so will be prepping the fruits and nuts later this afternoon. It is to be in the 20s tomorrow morning so perfect time to have the oven on.

I am off to make me a cup of tea-and Happy Birthday to me -Happy Birthday to me-has another year really gone away? The time really does fly by much faster as we get older-it has for me since being over 60 now.

Have a good day all


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