Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fruitcake Recipe

Here is a link to my fruitcake recipe  A couple of you mentioned it, so wanted to let you know I have the recipe in my posts here.

I have baked up this recipe forever-at least 40 plus years now, all my men folk Love this recipe. It's all fruit and nuts with just enough cake to hold it all together. I make it every year for hubby and to mail off to his father who just loves this cake-he is in his 90's now.

This is an old English recipe, a dark fruitcake. Some years for the spirits for the fruits and then soaking of the cheesecloth I switch off from cream sherry, dark rum, or brandy-they are all good. 

Also I wanted to mention that way back when I first started making this cake the grocery stores all sold the candied citron, orange, lemon etc seperately in little containers. Now a days hard to find it that way-so I usually buy a container of the mixed candied fruits for the citron, lemon, and the orange, and for part of the weight of the cherries. Then I do add in green and red cherries seperately and then cut those in halves, and the pineapple makes the cake too-I slice each piece thinly.

Would love to know if any of you make this and let me know how you like it.

Since I have to be gluten free, I have followed this recipe for me using gluten free flour baking mix. For me I use the candied pineapple but for the rest of the fruits I use a mix of all kinds of dried fruits. It turns out pretty good-mine though I wrap and freeze


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