Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Miss Calico Snoozing with the Pumpkins

I was out feeding corn to the wild critters, and Miss Calico was snoozing away here. LOL This is right at the front gate to our house, so I kept walking past her to get the corn and the wildbird seed. This cried out photo time-lol

I snapped the first one with her snoozing-and then after that she posed for the camera for me-she is such a character. We really enjoy her-she is an outside kitty but we now feed her up by the house-and she loves to sit out with us outdoors in the evening-although it is starting to get too chilly for that today.

The winds have picked up here this afternoon up to 35 miles an hour they said we would have. It has quite a "bite" to it too. Definately feels like autumn here today.  We did get the one wood stove ready to use. The one in the bedroom Larry set up so we can clean it from the inside and don't have to go on the roof-so that's the one we will have going tonight-yeah-heat in the morning when we wake up. 


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