Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Post for Tonight-I Promise LOL-Homemade Mushroom Soup

I wanted to share this recipe cause it tastes so delicious. I had some mushrooms in the frig that needed to be used up and I thought of mushroom soup.  I hadn't made this in such a long time I needed a refresher by looking up recipes online. I pretty much followed this one 

I had seen a gluten free version but I didn't feel like digging though the deep freezer to find the sweet rice flour to use as the thickener, so instead I used two heaping tablespoons of cornstarch and mixed it in with the chicken broth that I had put an ice cube in. It tasted like the soup needed a little something so I went back to look at the spices and the recipe said nutmeg. Nutmeg? that seemed odd to me-but in it went-and that's is exactly what brought all the flavors together-I never would have known lol

Last night another big buck came to visit-this one stayed in the back and marked his territory over the other bucks. I would say this one looked like an 8 pointer but not as handsome as the other visitor. This buck stayed back by the woods line. We are getting does and their fawns every night, and we are getting gobblers and jakes a few times a week. They stay back by the woods line too so hard to get a close up.


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