Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good Morning Sunday & Can You Identify this Caterpillar?

Gorgeous autumn weather here, we are really enjoying getting outdoors in the afternoons again the last couple of days.

I got another flatbed truck filled with firewood and unloaded and stacked yesterday, I only needed a sweatshirt and a headband to cover my ears-wonderful!

I got the fruitcakes all made and now just letting them sit covered with a light cotton towel to firm up before wrapping them in cheesecloth soaked in brandy. Mine smelled so good yesterday while in the oven. I needed to change up the spices a bit on mine as I didn't realize I was about out of mace and almond extract. So in my cake I used vanilla extra and I used apple pie spice which was a blend of spices including mace. I also decided to use spelt flour in mine which is very very low in gluten but bakes up like a wheat pastry flour. I use this for my pizza crust too as I have not yet found a gluten free flour that makes an edible pizza crust. Spelt is a grain that many can digest with wheat sensitivities but do not have the celiac disease.  I can tolerate the spelt flour if I just use it once in awhile. Changing this recipe of the fruitcake over to gluten free flours works sometimes-and sometimes not-so I decided to use the spelt flour this year-as I don't eat more than one piece-and just on occasion. I also made my fruitcake with mostly dried fruits-my own pear, apples, peaches, and dates, apricots, dried plums, and dried pineapple. I did add in a little of the sugar glazed fruits for color too.

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes, I really loved that. 

Hubby and I spent a nice day visiting the resale shops and also the Habitat for Humanity store. Larry found a couple items-one he can use in his woodworking shop and another piece he can sell. I found a gorgeous purple wool jacket that was just the right weight for appliques or rug hooking, an xl large all cotton men's long sleeved shirt that I will wear for awhile before cutting up for quilting, and I found some wonderful silk ties. 
      These ties were mostly Italian silks and expensive ties when new. I paid a quarter for one, a dollar for most, and $2.00 for another one-I picked up 5 ties total. I still have not run across another silk tie with those pretty flowers but this time I did find some very pretty colors that I think will transfer nice.
     At the Habitat for Humanity store I found a very large suet feeder for the birds, and this one had a perch on both sides of the feeder-this was 55 cents. I also could not pass up an igloo cooler on wheels that looked like brand new for under $7.00 I am down to one cooler now and can't believe how very expensive these have gotton in the stores now-and on wheels I think that will be nice too.

Hubby didn't want to go out for lunch, so I made us a nice lunch when we got home-we haven't done this in some time now-so thankful to have been able to buy this car-transportation has given us back some freedom, as there are no taxis to call here in the woods-lol

That afternoon I went out to pick a few wild grapes, I have been eyeing them as they are just off our long driveway. With the drought the past two years, this is the first in awhile we have had grapes. I picked just enough to make up one of my brandys-or fruit flavored vodka. Since I made this on my birthday, once bottled I will put away and save to drink on my next year's birthday-God willing.

Yesterday Larry came and got me and told me to grab my camera, as he found this very cool caterpillar just walking on the ground-kinda near our pond by the house and our picnic table. He was thinking perhaps it was for the luna moth which is also a pretty green. At first I thought perhaps it was one of those bad ones that eat tomatoes but this one has no horns and this one also survived our couple nights of lows in the 20s.

This afternoon I did check online for the luna moth and this caterpillar will be a luna moth next spring. The video I found that I liked will not let me embed here so here is the link  We have all the trees mentioned close to the house.

On another note, the sports teams here in Missouri are winning lots of games. The pro football team the KC Chiefs are undefeated, the colleges are doing well, and the pro baseball team the Cardinals are in the world series. I don't watch baseball, never have as it is mostly too boring for me. A couple years ago they were in the playoffs and won, and most said it was so exciting. I am thinking baseball exciting?? lol  So I decided if they made it to the finals again I would watch the world series. 
    Let me tell you-it is exciting-that is when something is actually happening-as it all happens sooo fast. Last night's game was very fun and exciting-although I fell asleep in the middle of it, woke up with the same score, took a shower to get ready for bed, and then decided to go back and watch the rest of the game. I don't know much about baseball as to some of the particulars but it went 9 innings and the Cardinals won. So is 7 innings a regular game? or is 9 innings a regular game?  
   We have lived here for 10 years now and my football teams have always been the Green Bay Packers (since 1967-when I was in college) and for college football I grew up with Notre Dame football. I figured it is about time I guess to look in on the local teams here, as the Green Bay Packers are rarely on tv here-unless they are playing a Missouri team, or are on Monday or Sunday night football. So last week I watched the chiefs, almost felt guilty cheering for them though-lol-but that was a very good game too.

Looks like I have written a book again-I need to finish doing book work this morning, and make up a list for Sam's club and the Health food store shopping as tomorrow I am going along with neighbor friend to Springfield, Mo-our big city here-lol

Have an awesome new week!


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