Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Morning & "Doings"

  Another summer like day today; mid 80s and sunshine. We got a little bit of rain yesterday afternoon but not enough. The fall colors are just beginning to appear here; but for the most part we are still green with splashes of fall wildflowers for colors.

   Yesterday was my first "drive alone" for major food shopping. I know this sounds totally strange but with nothing to drive for the past 2  1/2 years I have tagged along with my neighbor friend. Since getting the car this was my first time getting out and doing shopping and errands in town when I needed to go and at my own pace.  I must say I enjoyed it, not that my friend ever rushed me before, but it was just me so I took all the time I needed to find items and read labels. I also took lots and lots of bags of recycles in too.

   When ever I went into town with my friend we always had to go out to eat. Going out to eat has never been on my agenda. It takes extra time, cost money I don't want to spend, and having celiac (no gluten) I always need to be careful. I also do not like going out to eat cause the quality of food nutrition is not there-especially the limited choices of restaurants we have here. The restaurants for the most part;  use bad fats, lots of salt, and all processed-so I liked that yesterday-no going out to eat. I do like going out once in awhile with friends as a treat-but not on a regular basis just cause we are in town. I know I am different. LOL

  It did end up being a long day as I left around 7:30 am and didn't get back til about 12:30 pm. I had to kill allot of time at Walgreens cause I wanted to get my flu shot while I was in town so the wait time there was long. For every flu shot they give out, Walgreens is matching a shot to those children abroad in need.

  On Tuesday I was working on a project outdoors and got stung or actually bitten by I think a big red wasp of some sort. I did have long sleeves on too. It really hurt bad, came in and looked up wasp bite sting on webmd where they said to make sure the stinger was out-didn't see one, and then ice it down. So I did put a little ice on it. Yesterday I wore long sleeves too cause it was coolish when I left and I wanted to keep my left shoulder area covered-where the bite was. By yesterday afternoon late my whole arm above my elbow is red-looks like a huge burn, and where the bite was is now a little rash filled with liquid. So I started on benedryl last night as this looks like an allergic reaction now. It still burns, hurts, and itches too-so I guess this is the year for me to get bitten by insects 
 (photo found online)

   I love caramel apples so I decided to buy a bag of caramels and make my own this year. I used slivered almonds instead of peanuts-I forgot how fun and messy these are to make. LOL  The last few years now I have been buying them already made in the store, but the apples are always really small and this year the price was quite high compared to last year. So making my own, I got bigger apples covered with caramel and sprinkled with almonds-cost me a little under a dollar for each one.

  When I was shopping they had the fruitcake ingredients out so I grabbed what I needed, only thing I could not find any cheesecloth-I know allot gets sold in October for Halloween. So I need to wait on that before making it. I also found a package of chocolate chips that were the chocolate ones and orange chips for baking-so I bought a bag to make some cookies with. When it comes to some of the holidays-I am still a kid at heart-just don't know any kids--so I make a few things for the two of us.

  What is your favorite fall food or treat? 


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