Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cold Morning on the River

Yesterday I decided to tag along with the guys over to Bennett Springs State Park, not to fish too but to watch for eagles.

We left in the dark of the morning and got there just at light-and could not believe how many other people had the same idea-our favorite spot was already taken so we walked on down a little further. Brrrr I wore two sweatshirts and the guys didn't think to bring along their bibs or jacket-we all froze and the fish were not biting. Just as we were getting ready to leave Larry caught a nice trout but since the fish wasn't big enough for the two of us for supper he threw him back. 

I did see eagles-two youngsters and one adult. It was pretty dark and couldn't bring in the photo any closer but in the third photo if you click to enlarge it-you will see one juvenile sitting on a limb. We also saw a flock of geese fly by, and a couple cranes. We only stayed about an hour because we were all just shivering too much, my feet were even getting cold in my boots. The temp was in the low 40s.

Once home I couldn't get warmed up, even after a hot cup of tea so since the sun was finally up I decided to work in my garden. Needed to start pulling out allot of stuff that is not producing any more. Yep I finally got warmed up by noon LOL

Always worth the trip for me when I see eagles.


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