Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brrrrrrr Very Chilly in the House This Morning & Recipe for Pumpkin Sweet Rolls by the Pioneer Woman

We were in the low 30's this morning and not much sunshine yesterday-so yep this morning the house is cold Brrrr I am still cold after making me a hot breakfast and drinking down some hot decaf coffees.

Suggested to hubby we got to at least get the chimney cleaned for the bedroom wood stove as we will be in the 20's tonight. However by the weekend back up near 70 again, so the weather is up and down here.

I can't get into a project when I am chilled so I am working on catching up with blog reading. I just had to share a link back to the Pioneer Woman-her photography is always gorgeous so this is a long post of her variations of sweet rolls-sticky buns. She made up pumpkin sweet rolls-they look so yummy recipe here  I need to convert this to gluten free and less sugar and butter for the both of us-they look really delicious.

Yesterday I decided to work in the bathroom again. I wasn't going to work on the walls in the tub area but I decided I wanted to do that before tackling the ceiling. There is no heat in our bathroom, so before long I won't be able to paint etc in there. It went pretty well-as I am painting and tissue papering above a rocked wall. I did an online search for the Symphony brand wall tissue paper and discovered that Sherwin Williams carries it so I can get some more locally. Our Lowes store is no longer carrying it-so am happy I can still get some in our nearby city. I am seriously thinking now of doing this technique on the ceiling as well-just not adding in as much texture as I did to the walls. The ceiling has to be textured so I think I will try this first.

I a m off for some more hot beverage-


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