Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Catch Up, My Giveaway Winnings, & Book and Magazine Reviews (Long)

Good morning, I decided to post two blogs this morning, my previous one has autumn photos, and this one is my catch up with reviews and thank yous.

During the last month or so, I signed up for a couple giveaways here on blogger and won twice-isn't that fun to win something?? I am like a little kid again when I win. I really don't win that often, but this year I also won a very pretty Vera Bradley bag from Vicki at 2 Bags Full-I still get compliments for this bag when ever I am in town.

I read allot of blogs that are written by creative-artists, fiber artists, hand dyers, knitters, crocheters, jewelers and more for learning and for inspiration. From Terri Stegmiller Art Quilts blog I won one of her own stencils-the one on top of the photo. I have not had a chance to use this yet. This will be fun to use with sun printing, or with oils or paints for fabrics. Terri has a beautiful blog where she shares her newest art quilts and designs. She also sells on etsy.

Then while reading one day I ran into a wool blog hop for wool applique, rug hooking, quilting that looked like a fun hop to explore for new blogs. I ran out of time though and only had time to read just a couple and sign up for one giveaway-and wow I won that one. My gift was hand dyed wools from The Wooly Red Rug I received one large bundle of reds and greens which I am adding to my collection of wools that I have been gathering for an 1800's folk art quilt I really want to make. She has a beautiful blog and I believe teaches and has a store as well.

So big thanks again for my awesome winnings.

I wanted to share with you a magazine and a new dye book I have just picked up. 

The magazine is Primitive Quilts and Projects. This is a gorgeous magazine with patterns for the primitive quilter, hug hooker and stitcher. It includes patterns using wool as well which I love. I believe this magazine has been out now for about 3 years. I had run across it at a quilt vendors show I go to in the spring and loved it then. It is pricey though-runs $10.00 a copy and comes out seasonal-4 times a year. The almost $40.00 price tag scared me away. They do run specials from time to time though for $27.99 which is still pricey for me these days. However, I am realizing this magazine is well worth the price.
   Last month though I re subscribed to Mary Jane Farm Magazine which I read cover to cover and love. I had cancelled it a couple years ago and have been really missing it again so I started it back up-anyways in the last issue she did an article about this magazine and for Mary Jane subscribers the magazine was giving us the opportunity to subscribe for half off. So I jumped on it.
    This magazine does not disappoint. Patterns are very expensive these days too, so if you were to make a couple things from each magazine you would be saving money that way. The photography is always stunning. I would recommend to subscribe at the beginning of the year though, cause I learned that the magazine runs a couple patterns in 4 issues. I looked for the back issues for this year Spring and Summer to get these patterns-and wow they really hold their price and then some and are very difficult to find back issues. The magazine site still had the summer issue so I ordered from them They do also sell digital copies-which I am not into at all.
   This brings me to my next thank you. I was searching the web for an affordable copy of the spring 2013 issue when I ran into a shop that was selling one. I was so excited as those on ebay were asking $19.95 plus shipping for one magazine, and with shipping she was selling for the same price as the Primitive Quilts and Projects site (spring sold out)  Laura at Laura's Home was so helpful. She had written me that the spring copy was sold out, but she still had the summer and fall issues. I wrote back thanking her but was so sad cause the spring issue was pretty much sold out everywhere already and I needed it for 2 patterns. She wrote me back offering to sell me her personal copy. So thank you thank you Laura. Do check out her site, they are in the process of totally re doing their site so the shopping may not be set up yet.

  Yesterday I got in the mail my new dye book-I know you say another dye book for Kathy lol  This book does not disappoint either, gorgeous photography and simple dye recipes of the period. The book is titled Organic Fiber Dyeing The Colonial Williamsburg Method by Max Hamrick. The author has been a weaver for 50 years and a dyer for over 30 years. This book was published by the American Quilter's Society. If you search ebay and amazon or online in general, you will find a better price.
 This is must book for your library if you enjoy natural dyeing.

  Organic Fiber Dyeing: The Colonial Williamsburg Method

   Not much other news here, Larry has been outdoors splitting wood when he can, I have been trying to re organize things in the house to make more room for our housefull of guests in mid November.  The allergy season has really gotton me bad this year-still having allot of problems with that. 
     I have everything I need now to make fruitcakes-homemade are the best, and I use a very old recipe of English origin. I will probably bake those up mid week when it turns colder again.
   We may get our first freeze wednesday morning here. Today is back to warm but windy, but the rest of the week will quite chilly. We have not yet started a fire in the woodstoves yet-so the house is definately chilly in the mornings.

Have an awesome new week everyone!


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