Monday, October 7, 2013

A Fun Friday and Baking Weekend

    About an hour or so drive from us is a huge swap event that is held several times through the summer and this one in October. To walk through everything takes about 5 hours I would say. The booths are filled with flea market type items, vintage, farm items, and lots of small animals along with turkeys, geese etc. 
   Several food booths too but those are always so expensively priced. Being in Missouri there is also lots of rifles, shotguns, etc too-mostly for hunting. Our friend Mr L was going to go with us, but he called and said he wasn't feeling well so Larry and I decided to go. Wow-one really appreciates the freedom of a vehicle that will get us further than a couple miles to our local post office and back-lol   We had a good time, hadn't done something like this together for several years now. 
   This ended up being mostly a "guy" event as I didn't see any vintage linens, or yarns, etc that would have interested me. In the past when I went to this with my neighbor friend I would come away with some cool finds.
    I did finally find the cast iron steak pan (has ridges on the bottom) that I have been searching for, but $45.00 was way out of my price limit. As much as I really wanted this, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for it-I tried to rationalize that since most of our pieces from our cast iron collection we had acquired over the last 30 plus years at much much lower prices-I still couldn't do it. These steak cast iron pans are really hard to find too, so I will just continue to search at garage sales etc.
    Also most of the vendors were not willing to mark down their prices. A couple times Larry found a few items and offered a couple dollars off and they wouldn't budge. At this type of event this is what one does too is barter a bit-also Friday was the nicest day, as Saturday was to rain and get cold-which it did, and Sunday was cold-in the 50's with high winds, so I bet most of the vendors left Friday  night. At this event many of the vendors also camp out behind their booths for the entire weekend.
     Being retired, we are no longer big cell phone users. All the advanced technology occurred just after we retired 10 years ago-so we never got into texting and all those other features. I am mentioning this as I decided I wanted to get a root beer float instead of something else to eat, so I go to this vendor-who was sitting right there in the window but was glued to his phone texting. So I decided to count out 25 seconds and if he didn't look up I would walk away-yep I walked away. lol  Figured he did not care all that much about selling if he was glued to his phone. I found this to be the case at several booths. The person selling was sitting way in the back of their booths, not engaging at all-I guess they were out for a fun weekend and didn't care if they sold or not.
   Larry did come away with a few good finds, and we enjoyed the day. We got there when they opened at 8 am and left around noon-just when it started to get really hot-mid 80s.

So, with the cold and rainy weekend I decided to do some baking.
      I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and changed it to gluten free and used coconut oil instead of butter, splenda and honey instead of sugar, added a tablespoon of dark cocoa to the batter, and used a halloween choc. chip mix. These turned out excellent with a nice little crunch to them too. I put half of them in the freezer to keep me from eating them all-lol

Sunday was apple pie making day. 
    I made a pie for Mr. L, a deep dish pie for Larry, and I made a gluten free pie for me. I had enough apples to swap that small deep dish pan to a large glass pie plate for me. I froze half of my pie this morning in single servings for later. The gluten free pie crusts are always a "pain" to make. This time I used coconut butter which worked up pretty well with my gluten free flours.

I also brought out this lap quilt to finish hand quilting. 
     Before my Mom got worse with her dimentia last year; she gave me several small quilt tops that she had made from scraps and was planning to donate to a charity. I thought these would be a good way for me to get back into my hand quilting. 
    The most difficult part for me with the hand quilting is getting the pattern marked. I have tried everything-expensive chalk pens from Bohn, pencil pens, nothing seems to really work for me-and allot of these fabrics in this quilt are dark-so I dug out a package of old school chalk and will try that next. 
    I found an old quilt motif called sassafras that fills each log cabin block-which I think goes perfect with these colors-and is a little different too. This stitches up pretty fast too-once I get the pattern marked onto the quilt that is.

I have decided I really must finish up some projects I have in the works before starting in on a couple large quilts I really want to make-that's the plan any ways and I am trying to stick to it LOL

A cold day today with sunshine with the rest of the week being beautiful and perfect for working on firewood-hopefully we can get to that this week.

Looks like I wrote a book again-LOL Enjoy your new week!


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