Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Few Photos of Bathroom Project

Those of you that first met me over on Yahoo 360-well you know then how long this project has been going on. I took this on as a labor of love, gathering rocks here on our property-which was quite the hike in many cases, and took this on with the mindset that it would be a learning and creative and fun project. (hubby had taught me how to use mortar and set rocks)

I was retired for a few years when I began and so I just didn't care or worry about the time it would take. I was careful with my rock selection for my shower and bath surround walls, and was choosy and took my time setting them. I also had many blog friends send me rocks to put in my shower-I love all of those and know who gave me which ones.

I have really enjoyed this project allot. Didn't push myself, and allot of things have gotten in the way too over the years. We also don't run the propane wall heater in this room-cause it just eats too much gas-so in the winter months it is pretty cold to work in there. This winter will be different though-as I am going to clean up this heater and use it while I am working. It probably hasn't been turned on for at least 5 years now so it needs a good cleaning first.

I finished my rock shower project three years ago, and since then I have not been able to get hubby focused again on completing this room. So I made the mistake of waiting on him. He has things to do in the shower so we can use it. He has an exhaust fan to install, and later tile the floor, and put together a very cool sink-which I really want to use. So this summer enough waiting on hubby-I thought he was going to help me with the ceiling so I was mostly waiting on that. I just decided to dive in-and get the walls primed, textured, and primed again with a coat of kilnz. This year I realized that hubby is just getting "old" on me-and he also works full time now in his scope repair business, so I just haven't been "bugging him"

I have more rock work to do-around the tub area-problem is we only have the one bathroom. My plan is to keep working away at what I can do-and hopefully by spring hubby will help me get this finished. No fun getting older-that's for sure as projects like ceilings and tiling floors are harder to do now.  Since retirement I have looked at our home as an adventure to "fix up" and to enjoy our surroundings here and just live and enjoy-so no regrets here on pushing to get things completed. However, I am on a mission now for this room's completion lol

I took a few photos of the area I am working in, and the wall with the heater that I just completed-in the corner of that photo you can see the shower. If you would like to view lots of photos of this project; type in rock shower in the search my blog tool here on the right hand column.

claw foot tub to the left

Large rock was a very cool find, has a deep cavity that I will put incense in-cool! Oh wow the nice thing about photos one can see
the mistakes-the lighting is really bad in this area-so hard to see white on white. Off to fix those spots I missed with the paper.

I love these rock finds-will use them for towel hooks

                        This one sits by the claw foot tub-another great towel hook. The top right came from a cave that Mr L gave me

I found allot of heart shape rocks, here where I live, the rocks are just all different and very neat. I love that one that looks like a kitty cat.

This photo captured my textured wall I finished yesterday. Also the rocks in this area have not been sealed yet like the rock shower has been.

This is the last large wall I completed, my shower to the left-can't wait to use this shower.

as always just click the photos to enlarge. Well I needed another warm up-this time a cup of warmed up apple cider-back to my project.


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