Sunday, September 29, 2013

Your Winnings are all Packed up Now and Ready to Mail

   Busy today getting a quilt top ready for the long arm quilter, and I also just finished up getting all the winner's packages wrapped up and ready to be mailed off tomorrow morning. Congrat's again to the winners.

   I just remembered that October 1st will be our 10 year anniversary of being retired here in the ozarks. We moved from northern Illinois to our woods here in Missouri. Perhaps another drawing will be in the works soon to celebrate.

  Tomorrow my neighbor friend will be coming over early morning to do some painting on fabric. She has family coming and staying for a week on Tuesday and since the weather is still really nice here-tomorrow is the day. Haven't decided yet what I want to work on. I am wanting to do some fall pieces for sure. Hopefully will be a fun day. I am really wanting to start weaving too-especially with Mr P not in my living room at the moment.

  This week I need to go threw the garden and pull up allot of stuff, and see if I have any sweet potatoes or not-hope I at least have a few.
   Also need to get back on my tissue paper walls, and we need to cut firewood too-so will be a busy fall for sure before cold sets.

  Hubby has not been feeling well, so hope he feels better soon. 

I think I will watch a bit of Food Network-have a great new week!



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